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Alternative approaches to sentencing

What is a (DTO) drug treatment order? A type of sanction imposed by the Drug Court. The aim is to treat the underlying reasons of why someone committed the offence.
What is a lawyer? Somebody who has been trained in the law and is qualified to give legal advice.
What is a diversion program? A way to deal with a criminal matter out of the court system and give you a chance to avoid a criminal record.
What are two examples of a lawyer? A barrister and a solicitor.
What court is the 'Drug Court' a division of? The Magistrates' Court.
What does the drug court deal with? Offenders who commit crimes while they are under the influence of drugs or to support a drug habit.
When can a DTO be cancelled? If the offender is no longer willing to participate, or continuing is unlikely to be effective.
What are the two parts to a DTO? The treatment and supervision part, then the custodial part.
What type of court is the Koori Court? A sentencing court.
Who is the Koori Court for? Aboriginal people.
What is the Koori Courts aim? To provide an informal atmosphere for sentencing, and to allow representation from the Aboriginal community in the sentencing process.
Created by: lucyburgess