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evol.psyc.ch.6 p.195

ch. 195-99

depending on circumstances women may use short-term mating to switch, gain resources or genes, learning mating skills, gain long-term mate or a combination
female sexuality, from a male perspective is a fungible resource exchangeable into other resources
SOI sociosexuality orientation inventory
women who pursue short-term mating want partner who is willing to experiment sexually, to experience organisms with partner and get pleasure because partner physically attractive, to improve skills of attraction and seduction
short-term mating women view desirable resources as clothing, career advancement, jewelry and use of partner's car
women who short-term mate view supporting contexts as regular partner getting fired or decreased salary, or becomes mentally ill as rationale for affair (mate switching hypothesis)
women who pursue short-term mating were more willing to have sex without requiring commitment signs, but emphasize greater popularity and physical attractiveness
women who pursue short-term mating view costs from reputational damage to be less likely to occur
valid cues women are short-term maters eyebrow flashes, number of glances at male target, more masculine appearance (?) and behavior
invalid cues women are short-term maters smiling, laughing, closeness to male, provocativeness of dress
sexually unrestricted women show more dramatic shifts in provocativeness of dress on ovulation
sexually unrestricted women have stronger preferences for men with masculine faces and bodies
growing up in father-absent homes makes younger puberty, earlier sexual intercourse, and pursuing a short-term mating stra
poor parenting, especially from father makes earlier daughter puberty and reproduction
childhood sexual abuse makes earlier puberty and sexual activity more likely (genes vs change to short-term mating strategy)
step-father presence may promote sexual maturation in girls
"daughter guarding" by fathers prevents daughters from engaging in sexual activity early
poor attachment to one's parents linked to sexual promiscuity in both sexes
adolescents in many cultures prone to temporary mating, experimenting, honing attraction skills, and clarifying their preferences
children from previous marriage lowers desirability of divorced people
men shift to brief encounters when the sex ration is in their favour
surplus of men shifts toward a long-term mating strategy marked by stable marriages and fewer divorces
high-mate-value men tended to have sexual intercourse at an earlier age, greater number of sex partners since puberty, no need for attachment to sex partner
high-mate-value men tended to score high on the SOI suggesting they were pursuing a short-term mating strategy
men high in social dominance tend to be more unfaithful indicating a short-term mating strategy
men with higher shoulder-to-hip ratio (SHR) have earlier sex, more sex partners and more extra-pair copulations and sex with other's mates
athletes and attractive faces and masculine bodies have more short-term sex partners
mesomorphic (muscular) and high testosterone men have more kids suggesting a short-term mating strategy
women with low WHR tend to follow an unrestricted (short-term) mating strategy and are perceived by others as promiscuous and less trustworthy
low agreeableness and conscientiousness may be linked to an interest in short-term mating, mate poaching and being mate poached
dark triad (narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism) predict exploitative short-term strategies, particularly in men
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