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abbreviations for orthoptics

ACT alternat cover test
AC:A Accommodation Convergence: Accommodation ratio
APCT Alternate Prism & Cover Test
ARC Abnormal Retinal Correspondence
BD Base Down
BI Base In
BO Base Out
BU Bases Up
cc with correction
CF Counts Fingers
CSM Central Study Maintained
CSUM Central Study Unmaintained
CT Cover Test
DVD Dissociated Vertical Deviation
E Esophoria
ERG Electroretinogram
ET Esotropia
E(T) Intermittent Esotropia
FI Flick
FTO Full Time Occlusion
FPL Forced Preferential Looking (TAC) Teller Acuity Cards
HM Hand Motion
HT Hypertropia
IO Inferior Oblique muscle
IR Inferior Rectus Muscle
LL Line Letters (for visual acuity testing)
LN Lateral Rectus muscle
MR Medical Rectus muscle
LP (2) Line Pictures (for visual acute testing) Light Perception
NRC Normal Retinal Correspondence
OA Over Action
OD right eye Ocular Dexter
OH Occlusion Hyperphoria
OS Left eye ocular sinister
OU both eyes Oculi Unitas
PCT Prism Cover Test
PH Pin Hole
PTO Part Time Occlusion
RAPD Relevant Afferent Pupillary Defect
R & R Recession and Resection
sc without correction
SCT Single Cover Test
SO Superior Oblique Muscle
SPCT Simultaneous Prism & Cover Test
SR Superior Rectus Muscle
UA Under Action
UCUSUM Uncentarl Unstudy Unmaintained
VA Visual Acuity
VER(P) Visually Evoked Response (Potential)
X Exophoria
X' Implies near measurments
X(T) Intermittent Exotropia
XT Constant Exotropia
/\ Prism Diopter
Created by: Hebaalbaiaty
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