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morgans science fun

a fun way to study so you can get good grades on your eqts

what refers to the series of changes that produces a more complex organism? development
wht are characteristics of all living things? use or get energy,grow,and respond to stimuli
new plants can be created from stem cutting of the same parent plant.what is this an example of? asexual reproduction
what are the parts of a cell theory? cells come from cells,have at least one cell,cells~basic unit of life
food molecules are broken down to release energy by what organelle? lysosome
what is the large membrane~converting organelles? mitochondria{atp=energy}
what is the function of the nucleus? controll cell activity{brain of cell}
animals like a monkey or a human are made up of million of what? cells
what are all living things made of? one or more cells
what do eukaryotic cells have that prokariotic cells dont? nucleous
what type of cell has a cell wall, ribosomes, and circular DNA? prokaryotic
how are plants and animals able to reproduce? sexually and asexually
how do nonvascular plants get water? nearby cells/osmosis
whats true about all plants? they all have cells
what is the diffrence beetween gymnosperms and angiosperms? gym~nakes seeds {cones}ang~flower and fruit
an animal with a backbone is called a? vertibrate
butterflies undergo wat prosess? complete metamophosis
Created by: moebug101