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evol. psy. Ch6 P.174

ch 6 p 174-8

males could not have selected for promiscuity if women had always denied them the opportunity
men accept more sexual offers from attractive than non attractive women
women accept more sexual offers from men who are high in socioeconomic status and attractiveness if context involves intimacy rather than just pure sex
reproductive benefits for male short-term mating an increase in the number of offspring produced
short-term sexual strategy costs STDs, womanizer reputation, lowering child survival rate, violence at woman's relative's hands, risking retaliatory wife affairs
beneficial function of short-term mating recurrent selection pressure, costs less than benefits, favored the evolution of psychological mechanisms
inferring evolution of psychological mechanisms in all cultures?, specific contexts?, contexts existed in EEA?, potential benefit likely?
short-term mating adaptations desire for variety of sex partners, relaxation of standards for short-term mates
sexual accessibility adaptations avoid conservative, prudish, sexually inexperienced, (clothes suggest sexual accessibility)
identify female fertility fertility vs reproductive value
avoiding commitment shun women demanding commitments or investments
large testes typically evolve as a consequence of intense sperm competition due to copulation of two or more males at the same time
human ancestors rarely reached the relative indiscriminate sex of the chimpanzee and bonobos, but more than the monogamous gorillas
men's sperm count went up dramatically with the increasing amount of time they had been apart since their last sexual encounter displacing any interloper's sperm
psychological evidence for short-term mating sexual variety, seeks sexual intercourse, lowering standards, sexual fantasies, "closing time phenomena" change
function of lust motivate sexual intercourse; desire for more than one sex partner over next month greater for men worldwide
increased gender equality has not decreased male/female lust difference
men desire sex with new potential mate sooner than women
men will consent to sex sooner after meeting than women will
women displaying cues to easy sexual access judged by men to be more desirable only in terms of short-term mating
male college student age range for casual sex wider than college females
males require lower standards of charm, athleticism, education, generosity, honesty, independence, kindness, loyalty, humour, wealth ... for brief encounters
male short-term sexual preferences hot body (fertility), promiscuous, high sex drive and sex experience (accessibility)
women tend to prioritize face in both long and short-term partners
attraction-reduction effect men with more sex partners experience decline in partner attractiveness right after intercourse
neither men or women with less sexual experience find attractiveness declines just after sex
male success of a casual sexual strategy, hastening postcopulatory departure serves to minimize investment in one woman and short-term partners
closing time phenomenon as closing time approached men viewed women (and visa versa) as increasingly attractive independent of alcohol consumption
"beer goggles" phenomena may be attributable to women are viewed to be more attractive with sensitivity to decreasing casual sex opportunities
men have roughly twice as many sexual fantasies as women
men's sexual fantasies more often include strangers, multiple or anonymous partners and group sex and may change partners in same fantasy (numbers and novelty)
male fantasies sheer lust and physical gratification attuned to sexual access to a variety of partners (lack plot, emotional elaboration)
women's fantasies contain familiar partners, emotions, personality
males' sex drives are stronger than females' with higher pornography masturbation consumption for gender equal and patriarchal nations
men have higher sexual omission regret than women
women regretted sexual commission more than men
men reported terrible feelings after hooking up women wanted a relationship, over-consumption of alcohol or drugs (facilitate avoiding entangling commitments)
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