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Legal Catchphrase

Unit 3Unit 4
U3: Principle of Access U4: Parliament
U3: Principle of Fairness U4: The Queen
U3: Principle of Equality U4: The Crown
U3: Burden of Proof U4: Governor-General
U3: Standard of Proof U4: Governor
U3: Counter-Claim U4: Federation
U3: Representative Proceedings U4: The Australian Constitution
U3: Civil Pre-trial Proceedings U4: Bicameral
U3: Conciliation U4: Lower House
U3: Mediation U4: House of Representatives
U3: Arbitration U4: Legislative Assembly
U3: Limitation of Actions U4: Upper House
U3: Scope of Liability U4: Senate
U3: CAV U4: Legislative Council
U3: VCAT U4: The Government
U3: Pleadings U4: Majority Government
U3: Discovery U4: Minority Government
U3: Power to give directions U4: Cabinet
U3: Power to order mediation U4: Portfolio
U3: Appeals U4: Prime Minister
U3: Administrative Convenience U4: Premier
U3: Judge U4: Exclusive Powers
U3: Plantiff U4: Concurrent Powers
U3: Defendant U4: Residual Powers
U3: Jury U4: s109
U3: Legal Practitioners U4: Division of Constitutional Law-Making Powers
U3: Remedies U4: Express Exclusive Powers
U3: General Damages U4: Implied Exclusive Powers
U3: Specific Damages U4: Interpreted Exclusive Powers
U3: Restrictive Injunction U4: Inconsistency Rule
U3: Mandatory Injunction U4: Bicameral Parliament
U3: Nominal Damages U4: Seperation of Powers
U3: Exemplary Damages U4: Express Protection of Rights
U3: Contemptuous Damages U4: Double Majority
U3: Aggravating Factors U4: Referendum
U3: Burden of Proof U4: High Court Interpretation
U3: Standard of Proof U4: Royal Assent
U3: Commital Hearing U4: Acting as head of executive government
U3: Mitigating Factors U4: Exercising Reserve Powers
U3: Prosecution U4: Forming the Government
U3: Defendant U4: Initiating Most New Bills
U3: The Persumption of Innocence U4: Initiating and Amending Money Bills
U3: The right to be tried without unreasonable delay U4: Acting as the "people's house"
U3: The right to a fair hearing U4: Acting as a house of review
U3: The right to trial by jury U4: Rubber Stamp Senate
U3: The right to give evidence as a vilnerable witness U4: Holding the Balance of Powers
U3: The right to be informed of the likely release date of the accused U4: Acting as the "states house"
U3: Victorian Legal Aid U4: Scrutinising delegated legislation
U3: Community Legal Centre U4: Introducing Private Member's Bills
U3: Plea Negotiations U4: Bill
U3: Appeals U4: Executive Power
U3: Specialisation U4: Legislative Power
U3: Purpose of Sanctions U4: Judicial Power
U3: Rehabilitation U4: Roach v Electoral Commissioner [2007] HCA 43
U3: Punishment U4: 1967: The Aboriginal Advancement Referendum
U3: Deterrence U4: Commonwealth v Tasmania (1983) 158 CLR 1 [AKA Tasman Dams Case]
U3: Denunciation U4: International Treaties
U3: Protection U4: International Declarations
U3: Fines U4: External Affairs Power
U3: Community Correction Orders U4: The right to receive "just terms" when private or state property is acquired by the Commonwealth. s51(xxxi)
U3: Imprisonment U4: The right to have a trial by jury when an accused person is tried on indictment for a Commonwealth offence. s80
U3: Victim Impact Statement U4: The right to be free from unreasonable state or Commonwealth burdens on interstate trade and commerce. s92
U3: Beyond Reasonable Doubt U4: The limited freedom of religion, to be free from Commonwealth laws establishing a compulsory religion. s116
U3: On the balance of probabilities U4: The right not to be discriminated against, by other states and probably by the Commonwealth on the basis of out-of-state residence. s117
U3: Summary Offence
U3: Indictable Offence
U3: The right to be informed about proceedings
U3: Sentence Indications
U3: The Parties
U3: Guilty Plea
U3: Cost Factor
U3: Time Factor
U3: Cultural Factors
U3: Accessibility Factors
U3: Recent reforms addressing costs factors
U3: Recent reforms addressing time factors
U3: Recent reforms addressing cultural differences factors
U3: Recent reforms addressing accessibility factors
U3: Recommended reforms addressing costs factors
U3: Recommended reforms addressing time factors
U3: Recommended reforms addressing cultural differences factors
U3: Recommended reforms addressing accessibility factors
Created by: M_E
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