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Jap 1000 - Nouns 4

Human made objects, Language, Media, Colors, Others

Tsukue Desk
Isu Chair, Position
Tatami A Tatami mat
To Door / Family
Tobira Door Panel
Doa Door
Mado Window
Futon Futon
Genkan Entrance
Ie House, Home
Erebeetaa Elevator
Esukareetaa Escalator
Denki Electricity
Kugi Nail, Spike
Himo String, Cord
Fukuro Pocket, Bag
Kaban Leather bag
Kasa Umbrella, Parasol
Kagi Door bolt, Key
Choukoku Sculpture, Engraving
Bunbougu Quill
Inku Ink
Pen Pen
Bourupen Ball-point pen
Mannenhitsu Fountain pen
Enpitsu Pencil
Fude Brush for writing or painting
Chouku Chalk
Keshigomu Eraser
Enpitsue-kezuri Pencil sharpener
Jougi Ruler
Nouto Notebook
Nikki Diary
Kabaa Book cover
Fuutou Enevelope
Hasami Scissors
Hotchikisu Stapler
Fuku Clothes
Youfuku Western clothing
Kimono Kimono
Wafuku Japanese clothing
Sode Sleeve
Eri Lapel, Collar
Botan Button
Chakku / Fasunaa / Jippaa Zipper, Zipper fastener
Beruto Belt
Kutsu Shoe
Kutsushita Sock
Megane Glasses
Tetsudou Railway
Eki Staion
Hikouki Airplane
Kuukou / Hikoujou Airport
Michi Street, Way, Road
Douro Road
Basutei Bus-stop
Touri Avenue
Densha Train
Kuruma / Jidousha Car
Moji Letter, Character, Script
Ji A letter, Character
Kanji Chinese character
Hiragana Hiragana syllabary characters
Katakana Katakana syllabary characters
Suuji Numbers
Arufabetto Alphabet
Roumaji Roman characters, Latin script
Gaikokugo Foreign Language
Nihongo Japanese (Language)
Eigo English (Language)
Chuugokugo Chinese (Language)
Doitsugo German (Language)
Supeingo Spanish (Language)
Furansugo French (Language)
Chousengo Korean (Language), South Korean (Language)
Hon Book
Kami Paper
Tegami Letter
Shinbun Newspaper
Jisho Dictionary
Pasokon Personal computer
Iro / Shikisai Color
Aka Red
Kiiro Yellow
Midori Green
Ao Blue
Murasaki / Murasakiiro Purple
Shiro White
Kuro Black
Pinku Pink
Chairo Brown
Haiiro / Nezumiiro Grey
Orenji Orange
E Picture
Ongaku Music
Rika Science
Sansuu Arithmetic
Rekishi History
Chiri Geography
Taiiku Physical Education
Supootsu Sports
Shisutemu System
Jouhou Information, News
Hitsuyou Necessity
Benkyou Study
Irai Request
Kore This, It
Sore That
Are That over there
Dore Which
Kochira / Kocchi This direction, thing person, or place
Sochira / Socchi That direction, thing person, or place
Achira / Acchi That direction, thing person, or place overr there
Dochira / Docchi Which direction, thing, person or place
Himitsu Secret
Jidou Automatic
Naiyou Content
Haba Hem, Piece, Strip
Seishiki Formality
Kekkon Marriage
Genzai / Ima Now
Kako Past
Mirai Future
Created by: bonesbrook