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Jap 1000 - Nouns 3

Time, Weekdays, Weather, Directions, Materials, Measures, Numbers

Jikan Time
Toki / Ji Hours
Koyomi / Karendaa Calendar
Fun Minute
Byou Second
Hi / Nichi Day
Tsuki / Gatsu Month (# - Gatsu)
Toshi / Nen Year (Last year: kyonen, this year: kotoshi, next year: rainen),
Kinou / Sakujitsu Yesterday
Kyou Today
Ashita / Asu / Myounichi Tomorrow
Asa Morning (Yesterday morning: kinou no asa, this morning: kesa, tomorrow morning: ashita no asa)
Hiru Afternoon
Yuugata / Ban Evening
Yoru Night
Youbi Day
Shuu Week (Last week: senshū, this week: konshū, next week: raishū)
Isshuukan One Week
Nichi-youbi Sunday
Getsu-youbi Monday
Ka-youbi Tuesday
Sui-youbi Wednesday
Moku-youbi Thursday
Kin-youbi Friday
Do-youbi Saturday
Taiyou Sun
Tsuki Moon
Hoshi Star
Tenki Weather
Hare Clear Weather
Ame Rain
Kumori Cloudy
Yuki Snow
Kaze Wind
Kaminari Thunder, Lightning
Taifuu Typhoon
Arashi Storm
Sora Sky
Kita North
Higashi East
Minami South
Nishi West
Koko Here
Soko There
Asoko Over there
Migi Right
Hidari Left
Ue Above, Up
Shita Below, Down
Mae Front
Ushiro Behind
Mukou The other side, opposite side
Naname Diagonal
Temae Nearer, More in front
Tooi Far
Chikai Near, Close
Mizu Water
Yu Hot water
Kouri Ice
Yuge Steam
Hi Fire
Gasu Gas
Kuuki Air, Atmosphere
Tsuchi Earth, Ground
Kinzoku Metal, Metallic
Doro Mud, Mire, Clay, Plaster
Kemuri Smoke, Tobacco, Opium
Tetsu Iron [Fe]
Dou Copper [Cu]
Kin Gold [Au], Money
Gin Silver [Ag], Wealth
Namari Lead [Pb]
Shio Salt [NaCl]
Meetoru Meter
Rittoru Litre
Guramu Gram
Kiro Kilo
Miri Milli
Senchi Centimeter
Inchi Inch
Rei / Zero Zero
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Yon / Shi Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Nana / Schichi Seven
Hachi Eight
Kyuu / Ku Nine
Juu Ten
Hyaku Hundred
Sen Thousand
Man Ten Thousand
Oku One Hundred Million
Hitsotsu One, One thing
Futatsu Two, Two things
Mittsu Three, Three things
Yottsu Four, Four things
Itsutsu Five, Five things
Muttsu Six, Six things
Nanatsu Seven, Seven things
Yattsu Eight, Eight things
Kokonotsu Nine, Nine things
Tou Ten, Ten things
Created by: bonesbrook



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