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Jap 1000 - Nouns 2

Animals, Plants, Food and Drink

Ikimono Living Creatures
Bakemono Monster
Doubutsu Animal
Chita Cheetah
Inu Dog
Neko Cat
Ushi Cow
Buta Pig
Uma Horse
Hitsuji Sheep
Saru Monkey
Nezumi Mouse, Rat
Tora Tiger
Okami Wolf
Usagi Rabbit
Ryuu, Tatsu Dragon
Shika Deer
Kaeru Frog
Gama Toad
Shishi Lion
Kirin Giraffe
Zo Elephant
Tori Bird
Niwatori Chicken
Suzume Sparrow
Karasu Crow, Raven
Washi Eagle
Taka Hawk, Falcon
Sakana Fish
Tai Red Snapper
Ebi Shrimp, Lobster
Iwashi Sardine
Maguro Tuna
Katsuo Bonito
Sanma Pike
Aji Horse Mackerel
Saba Mackerel
Ika Squid
Tako Octopus
Mushi Insect
Cho Butterfly
Ga Moth
Semi Cicada
Tonbo Dragonfly
Batta Grasshopper
Kumo Spider
Hotaru Firefly
Hae Housefly
Ka Mosquito, Gnat
Gokiburi Cockroach
Katatsumuri Snail
Namekuji Slug
Mimizu Earthworm
Kai Shellfish
Kaigara Shell
Tokage Lizard
Hebi Snake
Shokubutsu Plants
Kusa / Shibafu Grass
Hana Flower
Mi Fruit
Ki Tree
Ha / Happa Leaf
Ne / Nekko Root
Kuki Stem
Kinoko Mushroom
Kiku Chrysanthemum
Sakura Cherry Blossom
Kome Uncooked Rice
Ine Rice growing in a field
Mugi Wheat, Barley, Oats
Yasai Vegetable
Kudamono Fruit for eating
Imo Yam, Potato, Taro
Mame Beans, Peas
Daikon Japanese white radish
Ninjin Carrot
Ringo Apple
Mikan Mandarin orange
Banana / Kansho Banana
Nashi Pear
Kuri Chestnut Tree
Momo Peach
Tomato / Banka Tomato
Suika Watermelon
Tabemono Food
Choushoku / Asagohan Breakfast
Hirugohan Lunch
Bangohan Supper
Gohan Cooked rice or food
Miso Miso
Ryouri Cooking
Sarada Salad
Dezato Dessert
Pan Bread
Sandoitchi Sandwich
Oyatsu Snack
Aisukurimu Ice Cream
Nomimono Drink, Beverage
Cha Tea
Ocha Green Tea
Kouhii Coffee
Gyuunyuu Milk
Mizu Water
Biiru Beer
Wain Wine
Satou Sugar
Shio Salt
Shouyu Soy Sauce
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