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Jap 1000 - Nouns 1

People, Occupations, Family, Society

Ningen Human
Hito Person
Jinrui Humanity
Otoko Male
Otokonohito Man
Otokonoko Boy
Onna Female
Onnanohito Woman
Onnanoko Girl
Akachan Baby
Wakamono Youth, Young Person
Watashi I, Myself
Watakushi I, Myself (Formal)
Boku I, Myself (Used by Males, Formal)
Ore I, Myself (Used by Males, Informal)
Atashi I, Myself (Used by Females, Softer Sounding)
Shoujo Teenage Girl
Shounen Teenage Boy
Isha Doctor
Kangoshi Nurse
Kangofu Female Nurse
Shikai / Ha-Isha Dentist
Seijika Politician
Bengoshi Lawyer
Shouboshi Firefighter
Keisatsukan Police Officer
Heishi Soldier
Kenchikuka Architect
Sensei Teacher
Kyoushi (Academic) Teacher
Kashu Singer
Enjinia Engineer
Kazoku Family
Ryoushin Parents
Kodomo Children, Child
Chichi (Otou-San) Father
Haha (Okaa-San) Mother
Tsuma Wife
Otto Husband
Ani (Onii-San) Older Brother
Ane (One-San) Older Sister
Ototo Younger Brother
Imoto Younger Sister
Kyodai Brothers, Siblings
Shimai Sisters
Sofu (Ojii-San) Grandfather
Sobo (Obaa-San) Grandmother
Mago Grandchild
Oji (Oji-San) Uncle
Oba (Oba-San) Aunt
Itoko Cousin
Mei Niece
Oi Nephew
Ashi Foot, Leg
Kakato Heel
Sune Shin
Hiza Knee
Momo Thigh
Atama Head
Kao Face
Kuchi Mouth
Kuchibiru Lips
Ha Tooth
Hana Nose
Me Eye
Hige Moustache, Beard
Kami Hair
Mimi Ear
I Stomach
Ude Arm
Hiji Elbow
Kata Shoulder
Tsume Nail
Te Hand
Tekubi Wrist
Te-No-Hira Palm of Hand
Yubi Finger, Toe
Shiri Buttocks
O-naka Abdomen
Kanzou Liver
Kimo Liver
Kin'Niku Muscle
Kubi Neck
Kokoro Heart (As in feelings)
Koshi Waist, Hip
Shinzou Heart
Senaka Back
Chi Blood
Niku Meat
Hada Skin
Hifu Skin
Hone Bone
Mune Chest
Kaze Cold
Geri Diarrhea
Byoki Illness
Shakai Society
Keizai Economy, Economics, Finance
Kaisha Company
Kaigi Meeting
Gakko School
Yakusho Local government office
Mise Store
Hoteru Hotel
Kojo Factory
O-kane Money
Satsu Bill
Kozeni Small Change
Tsurisen / O-Tsuri Change
Jidohanbaiki Vending machine, Slot machine
Kippu Ticket (Public transport), Fine
Kitte Stamp
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