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LPC - Prelim A-I

North and Hillard

about (concerning) dē (+ abl.)
about (place) circā, circum (+ acc.)
about (time) circiter, circā (+ acc.)
above and beyond (in addition to) praeter / ad (+ acc.)
according to secundum (+ acc.)
adjoining to adiunctus, -a, -um (+ dat.)
advice cōnsīlium, -ī, n.
again rūrsus
against (at, towards) in (+ acc.)
against (opposed to) contrā (+ acc.)
age aetās, aetātis, f.
alliance societās, societātis, f.
among (before, in the presence of) apud (+ acc.)
among (being one of) in (+ abl.)
around (see 'about')
arrow saggita, -ae, f.
as far as (+ abl.) tenus
as prō (+ abl.); predicate accusative; ut
at home domī
at the house of apud (+ acc.)
because of propter (+ acc.)
because quod
before (in front of) ante (+ acc.)
before (of time) ante (+ acc.)
behind (stationary) post (+ acc.)
behind (w/ verbs of motion) pōne (+ acc.)
below sub / subter (+ acc.)
benefit prōdesse + dat.
besides praeter (+ acc.) / ad (+ acc.)
beyond (on the other side of) ultrā/suprā
boat linter, lintris, f.
book liber, librī, m.
both men and women et vīrī et fēminae
bread pānis, pānis, m.
by (agency) ā/ab (+ abl.)
by (near) prope (+ acc.)
captive captīvus, -ī, m.
children līberī, līberōrum
consul cōnsul, cōnsulis, m.
contrary to contrā (+ acc.)
daybreak prīma lūx, prīmae lūcis, f.
dear cārus, -a, -um
dowry dōs, dōtis, f.
duty officium, -ī, n.
ever since ā/ab (+ abl.)
except (except for) praeter (+ acc.), nisi, extrā (+ acc.); ablative absolute with excipiō
fatherland patria, -ae, f.
fear metus, metūs, m.
feast cēna, -ae, f.
few paucī, -ae, -a
field ager, agris, m.
flesh carō, carnis, f.
for (in consideration of) prō (+ abl.)
friend amīcus, -ī, m.
friendship amīcitia, -ae, f.
from (because of) ablative of cause; propter / ob (+ acc.)
from (of motion) ā/ab (+ abl.)
from (of time) ā/ab (+ abl.)
garden hortus, -ī, m.
gift dōnum, -ī, n.
Greek language Graeca lingua
happy beātus, -a, -um
harbor portus, -ūs, m.
help auxilium, -ī, n.
home(ward) domum
horseman eques, equitis, m.
hostage obses, obsidis, c.
house domus, -ūs, f.
hunger famēs, famis, f.
in the power of penes (+ acc.)
in the presence of cōram (+ abl.) / apud (+ acc.)
instead of prō (+ abl.)
into the presence of ad (+ acc.)
into in (+ acc.)
joy gaudium, -ī, n.
kingdom rēgnum, -ī, n.
letter, epistle epistola
little (noun) parvum
messenger nūntius, -ī, m.
near prope (+ acc.)
nearest proximus, -a, -um
often saepe
on this side of cis (+ acc.)
once ōlim, quondam
opinion sententia, -ae, f.
out of (partitive) ē/ex (+ abl.), dē (+ abl.)
outside extrā (+ acc.)
over and above super (+ acc.)
owing to propter (+ acc.)
peasant agricola, -ae, f.
people populus, -ī, m.
pleasant iūcundus, -a, -um
poet poēta, -ae, f.
poor pauper, pauperis
prison carcer, carceris, m.
ransom pretium, -ī, n.
riches dīvitiae, -ārum, f.
round about circā / circum (+ acc.); (throughout) per (+ acc.) / in (+ abl. of totus)
sailor nauta, -ae, f.
scout explōrātor, explōrātōris, m.
service meritum, -ī, n.
state cīvitās, cīvitātis, f.
stone lapis, lapidis, f.
sword gladius, gladiī, m.
terms conditiōnēs, -um, f.
through (because of) ablative case; propter / ob (+ acc.)
through (of intermediate agency) per (+ acc.)
through (of motion) per (+ acc.)
to (indirect object) dative case
to (with motion) adversus (+ acc.)
ask rogāre
be present adesse
be well valēre
build aedificāre
buy emere
defend dēfendere
die morior, morī(rī), mortuus sum
elect creāre
enjoy fruor, fruī, fruitus sum (+ abl.)
fear timēre
feed on vēscor, vēscī (+ abl.)
fortify mūnīre
have need of opus est (+ dat. pers. + abl. thing)
hide, conceal cēlāre (+ acc. thing + acc. person from whom)
keep servāre
lean upon nītor, nītī, nīxus sum (+ abl.)
lie iacēre
lose perdere
obey pārēre + dat.
obtain potior, potīrī, potītus sum (+ abl.)
perform fungor, fungī, functus sum (+ abl.)
remain manēre
return redīre
sail nāvigāre
separate dīvidere
set forth/out proficīscī
spend (time) agere
teach docēre
the house of ad (+ acc.)
use ūtor, ūtī, ūsus sum (+ abl.)
toward (of regard) ergā / in / adversus / contrā (+ acc.)
towards (of movement) adversus (+ acc.) / (acc.) versus / ad (+ acc.)
under (before) ante (+ acc.)
under (of motion) sub (+ acc.)
under (of state) sub (+ abl.)
unworthy of indignus (+ abl.)
wife uxor, uxōris, f.
wing āla, -ae, f.
winter hiems, hiemis, f.
wise sapiēns, sapientis
with (accompaniment) cum (+ abl.)
within (inside of) intrā (+ acc.), in (+ abl.)
within (on this side of) cis (+ acc.)
within (throughout the period of) inter (+ acc.)
without sine (+ abl.)
woman mulier, mulieris, f.
worthy of dignus (+ abl.)
yoke iugum, -ī, n.
youth iuvenis, iuvenis, c.
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