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Mental Health

Advanced Physical Assessment

Depression 2 blue weeks, feeling sad and losing interest
Neurocognitive Disorders: Delirium and Dementia- DSM V Dementia is (ACUTE) now mild neurocognitive d/o- applies to younger individuals w/impairment from TBI or HIV. The DSM-5 term dementia (CHRONIC) for wide spread clinical usage
Test for attention with serial 7s, spelling, world backwards, repeating numbers backwards/digital span
Test for remote memory with birthday, anniversary
Recent memory what you ate today
MMSE orientation to time (date), registration (repeating 3 words) , naming (an object) , reading (read this and do what it says
IN SAD CAGES 2 blue weeks w/oss of interest or depression must be there w/5- INterest*: (anhedonia)Sleep: ↑↓, Appetite: ↑↓, Depressed mood*: Concentration difficulty: Activity: psychomotor agitation/ retardation, Guilt feelings, Energy ↓SI
SUICIDAL pneumonic S: Sex U: Unsuccessful attempts, I: Identified family members hx CI: Chronic illness hx D: Depression, Drugs, Drinking, A: Age, L: Lethal method available
CAGE for etoh/drugs C:cut down on your drinking? A: annoyed? G: guilty about your drinking? E: Eye-opener
Delirium ACUTE- Altered consciousness, Incoherence, illogical flow of ideas, Illusions, hallucinations, delusions, Poor memory
Dementia A chronic, slowly progressive disorder of failing memory, cognitive impairment, behavioral abnormalities, and personality changes that often begins after age 60 years
Delerium causes- Sudden, transient onset of clouded sensorium; may occur at any age associated with a physical stressor 1.Toxins. 2. Alcohol/drug abuse 3. Trauma. 4. Impactions in the elderly 5. Poor nutrition 6. Anesthesia 7. Electrolyte imbalances
Dementia causes- Gradual memory loss with decreased intellectual functioning usually occurring over the age of 60 yrs 1. Atherosclerosis 2.Neurotransmitter deficits 3.Cortical atrophy 4.Ventricular dilation 5.Loss of brain cells 6.Possible viral causes 7.Alzheimer’s disease 8.Parkinsonism (Lewi)
Dementia acronym D: Drug reactions/interactions E: Emotional M: Metabolic/ endocrineE: Eye and ear N: Nutritionalms T: Tumors
Created by: arsho453