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4th Grade Sci U 06

Investigating the Changing Earth

Weathering process which breaks down rocks into smaller pieces
Erosion process where broken down materials are moved from one area to another
Deposition process by which weathered and eroded material is deposited by wind, water, and ice
Delta a piece of land shaped like a triangle that is formed when a river splits into smaller rivers before it flows into an ocean
Glacier a large area of thick ice that remains frozen from one year to the next
Landform a recognizable, naturally formed feature on the Earth's surface
Sediment the small pieces of material that can be easily transported by moving air or water
Canyon a deep, narrow valley surrounded by tall cliffs
Cave a large hollow place formed by natural processes in the side of a hill or cliff or underground
Sand Dune a mount, hill or ridge of sand that lies behind the part of the beach affected by tides. They are formed over many years when windblown sand is trapped by beach grass or other stationary objects.
Valley a lower part in the land, between two higher parts which might be hills or mountains
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