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Ch. 14 Sect. 2 Vocab

Sub-Saharan Africa Today

mineral a solid natural substance found in rocks and Earth that is inorganic and has its own set of properties
commodity a material or good that can be bought, sold, or traded
coup a sudden, illegal takeover of government by force
famine a long period of food shortage
erosion the process by which rocks and soil slowly break apart and are worn away
legume peas or beans
microcredit a small loan of money
epidemic an outbreak of a disease affecting a great number of the population in a particular community
pandemic an outbreak of a disease that spreads over a wide geographic area
vaccine a treatment to increase immunity to a particular disease
infectious capable of spreading rapidly to others
refugee a person who flees a place to find safety
clan a large family-based unit with loyalty to the group
failed state a country in which government, economic institutions, and order have broken down
segregation separation by race
apartheid the legal separation of the races; a system that denied black South Africans their rights
homeland during Apartheid, separate areas within South Africa where black South Africans were forced to live
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