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Ch. 13 Sect. 2 Vocab

Sub-Saharan Africa Geography & History

agricultural revoution a period in which humans began to grow crops instead o gathering plants
first language the language learned by the children of a people
caravan a group of merchants traveling together for safety
lingua franca the common language among several groups of people
trans-Saharan across the Sahara desert
alluvial describing the sediment deposited by a river
city-state an independent state made up of a city and the territories depending on it
trans-Atlantic slave trade the business of trading slaves taken from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas starting in the 1500s
malnutrition the lack of enough food or nourishment
imperialism the practice of extending an nation's influence by controlling other territories
colonialism the practice of one country directly ruling and developing trade in a foreign territory for its own benefit
missionary a person sent by a religious organization to convert others to that religion
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