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Ch. 13 Sect. 1 Vocab

Sub-Saharan Africa Geography & History

basin a region drained by a river system
savanna grassland, as in the south of Sub-Saharan Africa
desertification a gradual transition from fertile to less productive land
rift valley a deep valley formed when Earth's crust separated, as in East Africa
pride a group of lions that live together
interior the land that is away from a seacoast
deforestation the practice of cutting down forests for crops or urban use
transition zone an area between two geographic regions that has characteristics of both
highlands areas of high mountainous land
rain forest a forest with warm temperatures, high humidity, and thick vegetation that receives more than 100 inches of rain per year
hydroelectric power a source of energy that uses flowing water to produce electricity
landlocked surrounded by land on all sides, with no direct access to a seacoast
escarpment a steep slope
habitat the natural environment of a living plant or animal
poaching illegal hunting or fishing
nocturnal active at night rather than during the day
ecotourism a way of visiting natural areas that conserves the natural resources of the region
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