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Ch. 9 Sect. 3 Vocab

Europe Geography & History

navigation the science of finding position and planning routes
colony an area controlled by a distant country
textile related to cloth or clothing
factory system a way of working in which each person works on only one part of a product
radical a person who wants an extreme change or holds an extreme political position
guillotine a machine used to execute people during the French Revolution
natural rights rights such as life, liberty, and property that people possess at birth
apartheid the legal separation of the races; a system that denied black South Africans their rights
nationalism a strong sense of loyalty to one's country
trench a long ditch that protects soldiers from enemy gunfire
reparations after a war, money paid as punishment, usually by the aggressors in the conflict
concentration camp an area where Jews and others were held during World War II and murdered by the Nazis
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