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marina science

St. Mary of Gostyn 4th grade science chapter 2

Everything that surrounds and affects an animal is called what? Environment
What is climate? the average temperature and rainfall of an area over many years
What is oxygen? one of the many gases in the air
What are some things that make up an animal's environment? rocks, soil, air, plants, water, all living and nonliving things...
What is a place where an animal is protected from other animals or the weather called? shelter
The process of change is called what? metamorphosis
What's an example of metamorphosis? a caterpillar changing into a butterfly
What are the five basic needs of animals? right climate, oxygen, food, water, shelter
Why do animals produce young? in order for the species to survive
What is an adaptation? a body part or behavior that helps an animal meet its needs in its environment
An animal's color or pattern that helps it blend in with the surroundings is called what? camouflage
An adaptation in which an animal looks very much like another animal is called what? mimicry
What are three different kinds of body coverings? fur, hair, scales, whiskers, feathers, ...
Give an example of how an animal's body coverings can meet their needs. heavy fur to keep warm, spiny hair to scare predators, feathers to help keep birds warm, dry, and to help fly...
list 3 bird adaptations. feathers, claws, hollow bones, beak, eyes...
What is an instinct? a behavior that an animal begins life with
What is an example of an instinct? Monarch butterflies and birds flying south for the winter, turtles returning to their birth place to lay their own eggs, hibernation...
What is hibernation? a period when an animal goes into a long, deep "sleep"
What do animals do to prepare for hibernation? eat extra food and find shelter
What happens during hibernation to the animal's body? body temperature drops and its breathing rate and heartbeat fall
What is an example of a learned behavior? tigers teaching cubs how to hunt, chimps using sounds to communicate, ...
What is migration? the movement of a group of one type of animal from one region to another and back again
Created by: Noelle1217