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Ch. 7 Sect. 2 Vocab

South America Geography & History

descendant future generations, relatives of a past family member
kinship blood or family relationship
terraced flat fields cut into slopes or mountainsides
suspension bridge a bridge that is hung from two or more cables
artifact an object made by humans from a past culture
geoglyph a large geometric design or animal shape drawn on the ground
excavate to carefully uncover or dig up
lowland a low-lying area
nomad a person who moves from place to place
hunter-gatherer a person who hunts animals and gathers plants and fruits for food
slash-and-burn a farming method of clearing land by cutting down and burning forest and vegetation
treaty an agreement between two or more countries
convert to persuade someone to change religious beliefs
monopoly the complete control of the market for a service or product
rebellion a revolt or resistance to authority
exile a state of absence from one's hom country; to force to leave a country
liberate to set someone or something free
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