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Ch. 5 Sect. 1 Vocab

Central America & the Caribbean Geography & History

isthmus a narrow strip connecting two large land areas
coastal plain the lowlands next to the seacoast
rain forest a forest with warm temperatures, high humidity, and thick vegetation that receives more than 100 inches of rain per year
archipelago a chain of islands
tectonic plate a section of Earth's crust that floats on Earth's mantle
seismic having to do with earthquake activity or movement
ecosystem a community of living organisms and their natural environment, or habitat
deforestation the practice of cutting down forests for crops or urban use
fertile able to produce a great deal of fruit, crops, or offspring
tourism the travel business or industry
canopy a roof over a rain forest created by treetops
extinction the dying out of a species or type of living thing
poacher a person who hunts or fishes illegally
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