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Ch. 3 Sect. 3 Vocab

North America Geography & History

civilization a society with a highly developed culture, politics, and technology
hieroglyphics an ancient system of writing that uses pictures and symbols
empire a group of peoples or states ruled by a strong single ruler
tribute fees paid to another ruler or country for protection or as a token of submission
conquistador a Spanish soldier and leader that explored the newly discovered territories of North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean beginning in the 1500's, primarily in search of gold and silver.
epidemic an outbreak of a disease affecting a great number of the population in a particular community
republic a form of government in which officials are elected by the people to govern
exile a state of absence from one's home country; to force to leave a country
annexation the adding of territory to a country
reform change aimed at correcting a problem
land reform the breaking up of large estates to give land to the poor
tyranny a harsh government
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