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Ch. 2 Sect. 3 Vocab

Physical & Human Geography

culture a group's way of life, including types of food, shelter, clothing, language, behavior, and ideas
civilization a society with a highly developed culture, politics, and technology
communal shared
capital a country's wealth and infrastructure
citizen a person living within a territory who has rights and responsibilities granted by the government
gaucho a cowboy of South America
culture region an area that is unified by common cultural traits
kimono traditional Japanese women's clothing
monotheistic religion a system of belief in one god or deity
polytheistic religion a system of belief in many deities or gods
economy a system in which people produce, sell, and buy things
entrepreneurship the characteristics of creativity and risk existing in a person or society
free enterprise economy a system in which privately-owned businesses create goods and services; also called a market economy or capitalism
gross domestic product (GDP) the total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a given year
government an organization that keeps order, sets rules, and provides services for a society
democracy a form of government by the people, in which citizens often elect representatives to govern them
human rights the political, economic, and cultural rights that all people should have
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