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Using Latin II:VII

Beginning Latin

Commeatus, -us (m.) Communication; Trip; Supply train; Provisions, supplies
Detrimentum, -i (n.) Loss, injury, damage
Exercitatio, -onis (f.) Exercise, training, experience
Insidiae, -arum (f. pl.) Treachery, ambush, plot
Ordo, ordinis (m.) Row, rank, line; Order; Class, rank
Planities, -ei (f.) Level ground, plain
Stipendium, -i (n.) Tax, tribute; A soldier's pay
Imperitus, -a, -um Inexperienced, unskilled; Unacquainted with
Vetus, (gen. veteris) adj. Old, longstanding, former
Confido, -fidere, -fisus sum To be confident, have confidence (in), rely
Contingo, -tingere, -tigi, -tactum To extend to, touch, adjoin; Happen to
Contraho, -trahere, -traxi, -tractum To gather, draw together, bring together
Experior, -periri, -pertus sum To try; Experience; Prove, test
Impono, -ponere, -posui, -positum To place, set on, put on, impose; Mount; put on board
intercede, -cedere, -cessi, -cessum To go/come between, be between, intervene
Perspicio, -spicere, -spexi, -spectum To see/look through, perceive clearly, view; Inspect, learn; Observe
Perterreo, -terrere, -terui, -territum To frighten thoroughly terrify
Remaneo, -manere, -mansi, -mansum To remain
Subinistro, -ministare, -ministravi, -ministratum To furnish, supply
Supporto, -partare, -avi, -atum To bring/carry up
Imprimis Especially, chiefly
Paulatim Little by little, gradually
quotannis Every year, yearly
Saepenumero Time and again, often
Ultro Beyond, voluntarily; without reason/cause, w/out provocation
Ultro citroque Back and forth, backward and forward
Vulgo Commonly; Publicly, openly; Everywhere
Alia ratione Otherwise, on other/any other terms
Bellum inferre To make war on
Brevi tempore Briefly; quickly, soon
Capite demisso With bowed head
De quarta, vigila About the fourth watch
Ex senatus consulto According to a decree of the Senate
Passis manibus With outstretched hands
Quam maturrime As soon as possible
Res frumentaria Grain supply, provisions
Solis occasu By sunset
Created by: Hamilcar