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Medical Terminology

-algia Pain, Painful Condition
Dys- Bad, difficult, or painful
-ectomy Surgical removal, cutting out
Hyper- Excessive, increased
Hypo- Deficient, decreased
-itis Inflammation
-osis Abnormal condition, disease
-ostomy The surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
-otomy Cutting, surgical incision
-plasty Surgical repair
-rrhage Bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
-rrhaphy Surgical suturing
-rrhea Flow or discharge
-rrhexis Rupture
-sclerosis Abnormal hardening
Aden/o Gland
Adip/o Fat
Anter/o Before, front
Caud/o Lower part of body, tail
Cephal/o Head
Cyt/o, -cyte Cell
End-, endo- In, within, inside
Exo- Out of, outside, away from
Hist/o, Histi/o Tissue
-ologist Specialist
-ology The science or study of
Path/o, -pathy Disease, suffering, feeling, emotion
Plas/i, plas/o,-plasia Development, growth, formation
Poster/o Behind, toward the back
-stasis, -static Control, maintenance of a constant level
Ankyl/o Crooked, bent, stiff
Arthr/o Joint
Chondr/i, chondr/o Cartilage
Cost/o Rib
Crani/o Skull
-desis To bind, tie together
Kyph/o Bent, hump
Lord/o Curve, swayback, bent
-lysis Loosening or setting free
Myel/o Spinal cord, bone marrow
Oss/e, oss/i, ost/o, oste/o Bone
Scoli/o Curved, bent
Spondyl/o Vertebrae, vertebral column, backbone
Synovi/o, synov/o Synovial membrane, synovial fluid
-um Singular noun ending
Bi- Twice, double, two
-cele Hernia, tumor, swelling
Dys- Bad, difficult, or painful
Fasci/o Fascia, fibrous band
Fibr/o Fibrous tissue, fiber
-ia Abnormal condition, disease, plural of -ium
-ic Pertaining to
Kines/o, kinesi/o Movement
My/o Muscle
-plegia Paralysis, stroke
-rrhexis Rupture
Tax/o Coordination, order
Ten/o, tend/o, tendin/o Tendon, stretch out, extend, strain
Ton/o Tone, stretching, tension
Tri- Three
Angi/o Blood or lymph vessel
Aort/o Aorta
Arteri/o Artery
Ather/o Plaque, fatty substance
Brady- Slow
Cardi/o Heart
-crasia A mixture or blending
-emia Blood, blood condition
Erythr/o Red
Hem/o, hemat/o Blood, relating to the blood
Leuk/o White
Phleb/o Vein
Tachy- Fast, rapid
Thromb/o Clot
Ven/o Vein
Anti- Against
Carcin/o Cancerous
Immun/o Immune, protection, safe
Lymph/o Lymph, lymphatic tissue
Lymphaden/o Lymph node or gland
Lymphamgi/o Lymph vessel
Neo-, ne/o New, strange
-oma Tumor, neoplasm
Onc/o Tumor
Eat, swallow
-plasm Formative material of calls
Sarc/o Flesh, connective tissue
Splen/o Spleen
-tic Pertaining to
Tox/o Poison, poisonous
Bronch/o, bronchi/o Bronchial tube, bronchus
Laryng/o Larynx, throat
Nas/o Nose
Ox/i, ox/o, ox/y Oxygen
Pharyng/o Throat, pharynx
Phon/o Sound, voice
Pleur/o Pleura, side of body
-pnea Breathing
Pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneu- Lung, air
Pulm/o, pulmon/o Lung
Sinus/o Sinus
Somn/o Sleep
Spir/o To breathe
Thorac/o, -thorax Chest, pleural cavity
Trache/o, trachea Windpipe
An/o Anus, ring
Chol/e Bile, gall
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Col/o, colon/o Colon, large intestine
-emesis Vomiting
Enter/o Small instestine
Esophag/o Esophagus
Gastr/o Stomach, belly
Hepat/o Liver
-lithiasis Presence of stones
-pepsia Digest, digestion
-phagia Eating, swallowing
Proct/o Anus and rectum
Rect/o Rectum, straight
Sigmoid/o Sigmoid colon
-cele Hernia, tumor, swelling
Cyst/o Urinary bladder, cyst, sac of fluid
Dia- Through, between, apart, complete
-ectasis Stretching, dilation, enlargement
Glomerul/o Glomerulus
Lith/o Stone, calculus
-lysis Breakdown, separation, setting free, destruction, loosening
Nephr/o Kidney
-pexy Surgical fixation
pyel/o Rental pelvis, bowl of kidney
-tripsy To crush
Ur/o Urine, urinary tract
Ureter/o Ureter
Urethr/o Urethra
-uria Urination, urine
Caus/o Burning, burn
Cerebr/o Cerebrum, brain
Concuss/o Shaken together, violently agitated
Contus/o Bruise
Encephal/o Brain
-esthesia Sensation, feeling
Esthet/o Feeling, nervous sensation, sense of perception
-graphy The process of producing a picture or record
Mening/o Membranes, meninges
Myel/o Spinal cord, bone marrow
Neur/i, neur/o Nerve, nerve tissue
Phobia Abnormal fear
Psych/o Mind
Radicul/o Root or nerve root
Tropic Having an affinity for
Blephar/o Eyelid
-cusis Hearing
Irid/o Iris, colored part of eye
Kerat/o Horny, hard, cornea
Myring/o Tympanic membrane, eardrum
Ophthalm/o Eye, vision
-opia Vision condition
opt/o Eye vision
ot/o Ear, hearing
phak/o Lens of eye
Presby/9 Old age
Retin/o Retina, net
Scler/o Sclera, white of eye, hard
Trop/o Turn, change
Tympan/o Tympanic membrane, eardrum
Cutane/o Skin
Derm/o, dermat/o Skin
Hidr/o Sweat
Hirsut/o Hairy, rough
Kerat/o Horny, hard
Lip/o Fat, lipid
Melan/o Black, dark
Myc/o Fungus
Onych/o Fingernail or toenail
Pil/i, pil/o Hair
Py/o Pus
Rhytid/o Wrinkle
Seb/o Sebum
Urtic/o Rash, hives
Xer/o Dry
Acr/o Extremities (hand and feet), top, extreme point
Adren/o Adrenal glands
Crin/o Secrete
-dipsia Thirst
Glyc/o Glucose, sugar
Gonad/o Gonad, sex glands
-ism Condition, state of
Pancreat/o Pancreas
Parathyroid/o Parathyroid glands
Pineal/o Pineal gland
Pituitar/o Pituitary gland
Poly- Many
Somat/o Body
Thym/o Thymus gland
Thyr/o, thyroid/o Thyroid gland
Cervic/o Cervix (neck of uterus)
Colp/o Vagina
-gravida Pregnant
Gynec/o Women, female
Hyster/o Uterus
Mast/o Breast
Men/o Menstruation, menses
Orchid/o Testicles
Ov/o Egg, ovum
Ovari/o Ovary
-para To give birth
Salping/o Uterine (fallopian) tube
Test/i Testicle, testis
Vagin/o Vagina
Acute Has a rapid onset, a sever course, and a relative short duration
Sign Objective evidence of disease such as fever
Triage The medical screening of patients to determine their relative priority of need and the time proper place of treatment
Congenital An abnormal condition that exists @ the time of birth
Proximal Located nearest to the center of the body: point of attachment structure
Circumduction The circular movement at the far end of a limb
Osteoporosis A marked loss of bone density and an increase in the bone porosity that is frequently associated w/ aging
Hemiplegia Total paralysis affecting only one side of the body
Electrocardiogram A record of the electrical activity of the myocardium
Septicemia Often associated w/ severe infections caused by the presence of bacteria in the blood
Antibiotics Medications capable of inhibiting growth, or killing pathogenic bacterial microorganisms
Antifungal An agent that destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi
Celiac disease An inherited autoimmune disorder characterized by a severe reaction to food containing gluten
Endotracheal intubation The passage of a tube through the mouth into the trachea to establish or maintain an open airway
Juandice A yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and the eyes
Incontinence The inability to control the excretion of urine or feces
Ablation The term used to describe some types of treatment for prostate cancer
Dura mater The tick, tough, outermost membrane of the meninges
Bell’™s palsy The temporary paralysis of the seventh cranial never that cause paralysis only of the affected side of the face
Chalazion A module or cyst, usually on the upper eyelid cause by obstruction in a sebaceous gland
Mydriasis The dilation of the pupil
Granuloma A general term used to describe small, knot like swelling of the granulation tissue in the epidermis
Debridement The removal of dirt, foreign objects, damaged tissue, and cellular debris from a wound to prevent infection and promote healing
Glucagon A hormone that increases the amount of glucose by stimulating the liver to convert glycogen into glucose for release into blood stream
Oxytocin Stimulates uterine contractions during child birth and the flow of milk from mammary glands
Chronic villus sampling A diagnostic test to search for genetic abnormalities in the developing fetus
Cervical dysplasia The presence of pre cancerous changes in the cells that make up the inner lining of the cervix
Spiral A bone fracture, where the has been twisted apart
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