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Peds Ch 14

Test 1

middle childhood growth slower steady pace *Between 6-12yo grow avg of 2in per year *4.4 to 6.6 lbs per year
maturation of systems *GI maturity, fewer stomach upsets and increase in capacity *Caloric needs are less than preschool *HR and RR steadily decrease *BP increase
puberty *beginning of secondary sex characteristics *begins 10yo for girls and 12yo for boys, but normal after 8yo
erikson's stage 4 industry vs. inferiority. skill development, participate in meaningful and socially useful work.
Piaget--concrete operations children are able to use thought processes to experience events and actions, see things from another's point of view
conservation age 5 to 6: conservation of numbers, age 6 to7: liquids, mass and length, age 9 to 10: weight, and age 9 to 12: volume or displacement.
moral development older children are able to judge an act by the intentions that prompted it rather than just its consequences. they take into account different points of view, not simply just right or wrong. pick punishment that fits the crime
school age social development are increasingly sensitive to social norms and pressures of peer group. have formation of formalized groups or clubs. learn different points of view. parents do best to be tolerant, understanding and supportive.
school age play increased physical skill, intellectual ability and fantasy. need for rules and rituals. team play thru sports. also enjoy quiet and solitary activities.
nurses role in sex ed treat sex as a normal part of growth and development. answer questions honestly, matter of fact, and at child's level of understanding.
sleep for school age 11.5 hours at 5 years old and 9 hours at 11 years old. Can be resistant to sleep.
school age dental 1st permanent teeth erupt at 6yo. 2nd molar at 12. dentition is more advanced in girls. parents should perform flossing until child is 8 or 9.
avulsed tooth "knocked out" should be replanted and stabilized asap to re-establish blood supply. if unable to replant, put in cold milk or under tongue
Created by: tkulwicki
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