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worldgeo exam

the exact location of a place on the earth described by longitude and latitude lines absolute location
shows the location and shape of the earth’s physical features physical maps
shows the boundaries between countries physical map
a location of a place in relation to another place relative location
the branch that consists of congress legislative branch
the branch w the hor & senate legislative branch
the government where leaders inherit their positions monarchies
the branch that consists of the supreme court and the lower federal courts judicial branch
the government where power is concentrated w one person or small group dictatorship
where people can directly vote to decide what their government will do democracy
the branch responsible for changing laws legislative
the branch responsible for enforcing laws executive
the economic system is where the government is responsible for providing ppl w what they need communism
the economic system where individuals are responsible for their own success or failure capitalism
the economic system based on the belief that there are some things everyone should have socialism
a fault line that gives central america volcanoes and earthquakes the ring of fire
the island that consists of the Dominican Republic and Haiti Hispaniola
a commonwealth of the us puerto rico
the largest rainforest in the world amazon rain forest
south americas largest country (and largest population) brazil
an agreement that eliminated tariffs and trade barriers between mexico, the us, and canada nafta
the country w the largest population in western europe germany
after the french revolution in 1789 the monarchy ended and what government was established ? a democratic government
which part of the UN is used as a forum to discuss world problems and international disputes general assembly
what part of the UN is the group that decides where & when the UN troops will b used security council
which part of the UN provides aid to countries in need economic & social council
which countries were practicing imperialism from 1400s-early 1900s ? germany, great britain, france, italy, holland
adopting or incorporating western ideals or practices is called westernization
the defense alliance formed in 1949 to resist the expansion of the soviet union warsaw pact
an economic organization formed by some of the countries of western europe to coordinate transportation and banking systems european union
the oldest ally of the US france
what type of governments all western european countries have democratic
the building of empires by taking control of other countries or regions which economically benefit the mother country imperialism
a term used to describe the ideals and cultural practices of western europe, the us, and canada western
when & why was the UN established October 24, 1945 & to promote peace
what religion do jews follow judaism
what religion began with the life and death of Jesus christianity
when was jesus born about 4 BC
what religion began with the life and death of muhammad islam
when did islam begin around AD 632
who worships in mosques muslims
who is the founder of islam muhammad
what were the major trading centers in the arab empire axum, kush, ghana, & mali
a narrow sea that divides africa & asia the red sea
an organization that sets production limits so no one member nation will flood the market with oil opec
the river that has been the lifeblood of egyptian civilizations the nile river
the region that contains saydi arabia and other arab countries the middle east
a highway that has allowed cultural influences to spread throughout this region the mediterranean sea
what are africas four climate zones? mild, savanna, rainforest, desert
300 distinct ethnic groups cause problems in establishing what a stable government
the worlds largest desert the sahara
who was liberia purchased by and why the us, a homeland for freed slaves
the wealthiest and most highly developed nation in africa south africa
africa’s most widespread religion christianity
what religion spread along the west coast of africa and along the southern sahara due to trade islam
what climate zone consists of moderate rain, warm temperatures, and fertile soil the mild zone
which climate zone consists of rolling grasslands scattered w small trees & shrubs along w unreliable rain the savanna zone
which climate zone consists of heavy rain, warm temperatures and dense forests rainforest zone
the worlds largest communist country ? china
which religion is concerned w the spiritual nature of a person taoism
which religion is concerned with how people get along w others confucianism
what are the four basic beliefs of buddhism called “four noble truths”
which country consists of four large islands and 1000 smaller ones japan
which caste consists of the unclean people who do the dirty work such as collecting garbage and cleaning up after funerals untouchables
which caste consists of the landowners and merchants, the middle class vaishya
a current of moist, warm air that blows across south asia between june & september monsoon
the caste that consists of the priests/spiritual guides, and teachers brahmins
the caste that consists of the laborers (agricultural, artisans & masons) sudra
the caste that consists of the nobility, ruling class, military leaders kshatriya
the country that declared independence from pakistan bangladesh



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