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List 3 reasons why microorganisms, rather than animals, are often used in biotechnology. 1. They reproduce fast 2. They can be kept easily, in controlled conditions, anywhere in the world 3. There are no ethical issues associated with using them
Which product of anaerobic respiration is used to make biofuels? Ethanol
Which product of anaerobic respiration is important in bread making? Carbon dioxide
What are the advantages of using biological washing powder, rather than an ordinary detergent? Biological powders are able to break down stains made from proteins or fats (hemoglobin from blood) which aren't removed by ordinary detergents. They can be used at lower temperatures, which saves energy.
Explain why the enzymes in biological washing powders are trapped inside microscopic capsules. They contain proteases & lipase which could harm skin if they come into direct contact with it.
How does pectinase help in the manufacture of fruit juice? It breaks down pectin, which holds cells together. This makes it easier to extract the juice & also clarifies the juice.
Explain why lactose reduced milk is produced. Most people in the world don’t make the enzyme lactase so cannot digest lactose in milk.
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