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Study #3

Levothyroxine Increases palpitations Adverse: tachycardia
Lisinopril SE: irritating cough Class: Ace Inhibitor
Oxymetazoline look for wrong answer (2 weeks) (do not use more than 3 days)
Fluticasone decrease inflammation (long term maintenance drug) SE: dry mucosa
Rifampin PT: take on empty stomach, turns your urine and secretions red/orange AE: hepatotoxicity
Tiotropium Class: Anticholinergic PT: 1-2 minutes between puffs/ dries up secretions
Metformin stop 24hrs in contrast SE: GI discomfort
Pseudoephedrine cardiac disease/tachycardia
Guaifenesin increase 8 glasses of water daily
Dextromethorphan for dry cough
Propronolol Contra: bronchospasm patients/respiratory issues
Prozosin for peripheral edema Lab Values:
Metaprolol Contra: Bradycardia PT: Take w/ diuretic
Izoniazid (INH) Adverse: peripheral neuropathy/hepatotoxicity PT: take 1 hr before before meals
Low Potassium 3.1
Glargine take at night time/ cant mix with anything
NPH Take 4 hours later / Peak- 4-12hrs & Onset 1-2hrs
70/30 70 NPH/30 Regular
Diphenhydramine can cause drowsiness
Montelukast take at night to avoid bronchospasms, maintenance drug- not for asthma attacks AE: suicidal idealization
Mannitol increase urine output/polyuria Class: Osmotic Diuretic- treats ICP &IOP
Calcitrol Therapeutic: treats parathyroid diseases -hypo and hyperparathyroidism
Predisone inflammatory process will decrease PT:
Thiazide increase K diet
Glipizide works on pancreas
Nifedipine Bradycardia- slows HR (monitor)
Valsartan ARB
Acetylcystine dont take with any other drug & bronchodilators 5 minutes before Anidote for tylenol
Glucagon Family has to give subq when pt is unconscious
Fludrocortison Labs: calcium
Albuterol how to take- Spacer
Exenitide given 2 times a day with pen
PTU rapid pulse
Calcium Channel Blocker Hypotension
Beta Blocker- African American take with diuretics
Propythioracil mode of action- makes it harder for body to use iodine to make thyroid hormone
Potassium Sparing AE: Hyperkalemia- avoid foods high in vitamin K
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