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Airports of the worl

IATA codes of airports

YWG Winnipeg, MB
YYJ Victoria, BC
YVR Vancouver, BC
YYZ Toronto, ON
YQB Quebec, QC
YQM Moncton, NB
YUL Montreal, QC
AUH Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
ACA Acapulco, Mexico
ACC Accra, Ghana
NBO Nairobi, Kenya
MBA Mombasa, , Kenya
EBB Entebbe, Uganda
JIB Djibouti City, Djibouti
ABB Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ALY Alexandria, Egypt
CAI Cairo, Egypt
TIP Tripoli, Libya
BEN Benghazi, Libya
CMN Casablanca, Morocco
RAK Marrakech, Morocco
RBA Rabat, Morocco
TNG Tangier, Morocco
CPT Cape Town, South Africa
DUR Durban, South Africa
JNB Johannesburg, South Africa
ROB Monrovia, Liberia
NAS Nassau, Bahamas
ANU Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
FPO Freeport, Bahamas
BGI Christ Church, Barbados
GCM Georgetown, Cayman Islands
PUJ Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
SDQ Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
PAP Port-au-Prince, Haiti
KIN Kingston, Jamaica
MBJ Montego Bay, Jamaica
YEG Edmonton, Canada
YHZ Halifax, Canada
YOW Ottawa, Canada
YQR Regina, Canada
YXE Saskatoon, Canada
YYC Calgary, Canada
NGO Nagoya, Japan
KIX Osaka, Japan
CTS Sapporo, Japan
HND Tokyo JP Haneda International Airport
NRT Tokyo JP Narita International Airport
HIJ Hiroshima, Japan
FUK Fukuoka, Japan
PEK Beijing, China
CZX Changzhou, China
CTU Chengdu, China
DLC Dalian, China
CAN Guangzhou , China
HGH Hangzhou, China
NKG Nanjing, China
TAO Qingdao, China
SHA Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport
WUX Wuxi, China
TYN Taiyuan, China
WUH Wuhan, China
XMN Xiamen, China
XIY Xi'an, China
HKG Hong Kong International Airport
MFM Macau International Airport
KHH Kaohsiung International Airport Taiwan
RMQ Taichung International Airport Taiwan
TSA Taipei Songshan Airport Taiwan
TPE Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
PUS Busan, South Korea
CJU Jeju, South Korea
ICN Incheon, South Korea
AMD Ahmedabad, India
BLR Bangalore, India
MAA Chennai, India
DEL Delhi, India
GOI Goa, India
HYD Hyderabad, India
JAI Jaipur, India
CCU Kolkata, India
LKO Lucknow, India
BOM Mumbai, India
PNQ Pune, India
KTM Kathmandu, Nepal
ISB Islamabad, Pakistan
KHI Karachi, Pakistan
CMB Colombo, Sri Lanka
BWN Bandar, Brunei
PNH Phnom Penh, Cambodia
REP Siem Reap, Cambodia
KNO Medan, Indonesia
SUB Surabaya, Indonesia
DPS Denpasar, Indonesia
CGK Jakarta, Indonesia
JHB Johor Bahru, Malaysia
BKI Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
KUL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
KCH Kuching, Malaysia
LGK Langkawi, Malaysia
PEN Penang, Malaysia
SZB Subang, Malaysia
SIN Singapore, Singapore
BKK Bangkok, Thailand
CNX Chiang Mai, Thailand
HKT Phuket, Thailand
DAD Da Nang, Vietnam
HAN Hanoi, Vietnam
SGN Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
KBL Kabul, Afghanistan
BAH Manama, Bahrain
BGW Baghdad, Iraq
TLV Tel Aviv, Israel
AMM Amman, Jordan
KWI Kuwait International Airport
BEY Beirut, Lebanon
MCT Muscat, Oman
DOH Doha, Qatar
DMM Dammam, Saudi Arabia
JED Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
RUH Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
AUH Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
BRU Brussels, Belgium
MRS Marseille, France
NCE Nice, France
CDG Paris/ Charles de Gaulle Airport, France
ORY Paris/ Orly Airport, France
DUB Dublin, Ireland
LUX Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
AMS Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands
RTM Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Netherlands
LIS Lisbon, Portugal
BCN Barcelona, Spain
MAD Madrid, Spain
PMI Palma de Mallorca, Spain
SVQ Seville, Spain
VLC Valencia, Spain
AGP Málaga, Spain
VIE Vienna, Austria
SZG Salzburg, Austria
TXL Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany
BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany
DUS Düsseldorf Airport, Germany
FRA Frankfurt Airport, Germany
HAM Hamburg, Germany
MUC Munich, , Germany
STR Stuttgart, Germany
ATH Athens, Greece
JTR Santorini, Greece
SKG Thessaloniki, Greece
RHO Rhodes International Airport , Greece
BLQ Bologna, Italy
CTA Catania, Italy
FLR Florence, Italy
MXP Milan Malpensa Airport , Italy
NAP Naples, Italy
PMO Palermo, Italy
PSA Pisa, Italy
FCO Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport
VCE Venice, Italy
BRN Bern, Switzerland
GVA Geneva, Switzerland
ZRH Zurich, Switzerland
BSL Basel, Switzerland
KRK Krakow, Poland
WAW Warsaw, Poland
OTP Bucharest, Romania
PRG Prague, Czech Republic
BUD Budapest, Hungary
SVO Moscow (Sheremetyevo International Airport) Russia
IST Istanbul, Turkey
KBP Kiev, Ukraine
CPH Copenhagen, Denmark
HEL Helsinki, Finland
OSL Oslo, Norway
ARN Stockholm, Sweden
BRS Bristol Airport, , United Kingdom
LCY London City Airport, United Kingdom
LGW London Gatwick Airport , United Kingdom
LHR London Heathrow Airport , United Kingdom
LTN London Luton Airport , United Kingdom
SEN London Southend Airport , United Kingdom
STN London Stansted Airport , United Kingdom
MAN Manchester Airport, United Kingdom
SOU Southampton, United Kingdom
ABZ Aberdeen Airport, Scotland
GLA Glasgow International Airport, Scotland
EDI Edinburgh Airport, Scotland
BFS Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland
ADL Adelaide Airport , Australia
BNE Brisbane, Australia
CNS Cairns Airport , Australia
CBR Canberra Airport , Australia
SYD Sydney Airport , Australia
PER Perth Airport , Australia
MEL Melbourne Airport , Australia
AKL Auckland Airport, New Zealand
CHC Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand
WLG Wellington International Airport
ZQN Queenstown Airport
DUD Dunedin International Airport
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