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SS test

Rome Pellegrino

Aeneas Legendary Trojan founder of Rome
Romulus and Remus Among the descendants of Aeneas were the founders of Rome. According to Roman legends, these founders were twin brothers named
republic A government at which people elect leaders
patricians Noble, powerful people/citizens of Rome
plebeians common people /citizens of Rome
consuls Two most powerful people in Rome
Roman Senate, A consul that advised Rome's leaders
veto To prohibit
Forum Rome's public meeting place.
legions A group of approximately 6,000 soldiers.
Dictator A leader with absolute power
Spartacus The leader of the a slave rebellion
Julius Caesar First Emperor of Rome Expanded trade Peace once he had established power (Pax Romana) Built bridges, roads, aqueducts
primary Main,or most important
Christianity Religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
Diocletian Emperor who divided the Roman empire into eastern and western halves
Messiah Means "God's Anointed One"
Resurrection Jesus Christ's rise from dead three days after he was crucified
Apostles Disciples whom Jesus chose to receive special training
New Testament Part of the Bible that was written by the followers of Jesus
Pax Romana Rome's 200-year period of peace and prosperity
persecution Punishment of people because of their beliefs.
List the Romans' accomplishments is Science studied the stars. They also studied plants and animals to learn about better crops and meat. They also studied the human body to improve health.
List the Romans' accomplishments is Engineering aqueducts to move water, strong roads,strong bridges, building designs
List the Romans' accomplishments is Architecture and Arts realistic status, lifelike portraits, large and strong buildings and columns and open spaces
List the Romans' accomplishments is Literature and language great authors such as Virgil, Ovid who write poetry
List the Romans' accomplishments is Law They had written code of laws called Civil Law andThey influenced the field of law in Europe.
The physical features and climate of ancient Italy are It is a peninsula with the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea on each side. Mountains cover much of the Italian Peninsula. The climate around Rome is mostly warm, dry summers and mild rainy winters. The mild climate allows people to grow a variety of crops.
What activities took place in the Roman Forum and how did it became the heart of Roman society? It was a meeting place where the Laws of the Twelve Tables were displayed. It was the site of important government buildings and temples.
How did Rome's late republic grow in territory and trade? Roman territiory expanded in response to threat. Farmers couldn't grow enough food so traders began to bring metals, cloth and food from the provinces to the city of Rome. Trade increased, making many Romans wealthy.
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