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review biology exam

I suck at biology

Jack bought a small turtle. Three months later, the turtle had grown to twice its original size. Which of thew following statement best describes why Jack's turtle got bigger? The number of cells in the turtle's body increased.
The diagram below shows a sea star in various stages of regeneration. Which cellular process is directly responsible for this regeneration? Mitosis.
The genome of a goldfish contains 9 chromosomes. How many chromosomes will each daughter cell have after mitosis of a goldfish cell is complete? 9.
Which of the following produces identical nuclei in cells? Mitosis.
Which of the following cell types is formed by meiosis? Sperm cells.
If an intestinal cell in a butterfly contains 24 chromosomes, a butterfly egg cell would contain? 12 chromosomes?
The distribution of chromosomes in one type of cell division is shown in the diagram below. Which process and type of resulting cells are represented in the diagram? Meiosis, which produces body cells.
If an intestinal cell in a butterfly contains 24 chromosomes, a butter egg cell would contain what amount of chromosomes? 12 chromosomes.
What is one advantage of sexual reproduction? The offspring inherit a wider variety of genetic information.
A carrot cell contains 18 chromosomes. Which of the following diagrams illustrates the correct number of chromosomes in new cells produced by mitosis? 18 before and 18 after on both sides.
The arrow is pointing to a circled geno type in the square. What geno type does the circled dd represent? The geno type that any of the children could inherit.
Which of the following activities occurs in the G1 phase? Growth of the cell.
In humans, the allele for unattached earlobes Q is dominant to the allele for attached earlobes q. An offspring with attached earlobes is indicated in? Box 4 because box 4 is qq.
'A hospital wants to identify the parents of a baby. Based on the DNA fingerprints, which couple is most likely the parents of the baby? Couple x.
Mother: long hair, black hair. Father: short hair, back hair. Which trait can the animal inherit only from it's mother? Long hair.
Which of the following is the likely geno type of individual 1? Ee.
In fruit flies, the gene for red eyes color R is dominant to the gene for white eye color r. The trait is sex linked. What would be the geno type of a white eyed female? XrXr.
RR=red R'R'=yellow RR'=orange. Heterozygous fruit have orange phenotypes. What percent of offspring are expected to have an orange phenotype if the parent plants are orange and yellow? Fifty percent.
Which of the following statements best explains why many different finch species originated from the single ancestral species? Individuals acquired unique characteristics during their lifetimes.
Scientists think that the whale evolved from the Ambulocetus. What information should they use to support their hypothesis? Examination of the body structures of both animals.
The insects live on trees. A black fungi starts to grow on the side of the tree where the insects live. Which graph represents the growth of the fugal on the side where the insects live? B because the light side increases as it hits the dark side then the rate of the tree being dark begins to drastically drop as the inserts growth rate increases.
On a island the population of Finches is mainly, medium tail Finches. If a new predator that preferred birds with medium length tails lives on the island , which graph describes the most likely results? A because the number of birds over time stays constant then it begins to drastically lower, and it begins to even out in the very end.
Antibiotic resistance can vary within a population of bacteria. The changes in the population are most likely the result of which of the following? D natural selection.
Which of the following selection pressures most likely produced the shift in frequency? A lack of vegetation.
Plant species:1 and 3:92, 1 and 4:8,2 and 3:93, and 2 and 4 is 95. Which two species are most closely related? D 2 and 4: 95.
The seals flipper and the monkeys arm differ in appearance. This difference is the result of? Natural selection.
What has most likely caused the variation in forelimbs? Changes in the genetic codes.
Created by: Katie Fulton
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