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Stage 5 Cum Voc

Stage 5 Cumulative Vocabulary

agit does
anulus ring
coquit cooks
cur? Why?
e from, out of
ego I
eheu! Oh dear! Oh no!
habet has
inquit says
iudex judge
mendax liar
pecunia money
perterritus terrified
poeta poet
quaerit looks for, searches for
quis? Who?
reddit gives back
satis enough
sed but
signum sign, seal
tu you
vocat calls
Adest is here
Adsunt are here
Agricola farmer
Ambulat walks
Audit hears, listens to
Clamor shout, uproar
Contendit hurries
Currit runs
Fabula play, story
Femina woman
Hodie today
Iuvenis young man
Meus my, mine
Multus much
Multi many
Optimus very good, excellent, best
Petit heads for, attacks
Plaudit applauds, claps
Puella girl
Senex old man
Spectat looks at, watches
Stat stands
Turba crowd
Ubi? Where
Urbs city
Venit comes
est is
filius son
in in
mater mother
pater father
amicus friend
dominus master
quoque also
Ad to
et and
magnus big, large, great
non not
videt sees
Created by: Alexmarsh