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IGHS Winkels

World Geography Final Exam

A person of native and European ancestry Meztizo
A person of African and European ancestry Mulatto
The metal ore used to make aluminum Bauxite
Small fish caught off the coast of South America Anchovies
A piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides Peninsula
A chain, or group of islands Archipelago
A large farm or plantation known for raising a single cash crop Hacienda
The removal of large amounts of habitation (trees) Deforestation
A type of government and economic structure where everything is controlled and dictated Communism
A narrow strip of land tht connects 2 larger pieces of land Isthmus
The remnants of tiny sea creatures that float to the surface and form a rock hard substance that becomes islands Coral
The point of elevation where water flows one direction or the other Continental Divide
An underground train tunnel that goes underneath the English Channel "Chunnel"
The poverty neighborhoods on the outskirts of cities in Brazil Favellas
The largest city in Latin America Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The largest religious group in Latin America Catholic
The Amazon River is located in South America
The tallest mountains in Europe Alps
The most populated state in the U. S. California
2 countries on the Iberian peninsula Spain and Portugal
Lake Michigan is NOT in Canada
The language that has influenced most languages in Europe Latin
The "Las Vegas" of Europe Monte Carlo, Monaco
2 countries on the island of Hispaniola Haiti and Dominican Republic
Large grassy areas in Argentina used for grazing/farming Pampas and Patagonia
The river that separates Texas from Mexico Rio Grande
Natural Gas NOT considered and alternative energy source
Tallest waterfall in the world Angel Falls, Venezuela
The skill of mapmaking cartography
3 parts of Latin America Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America
3 languages spoken in Latin America French, Portugese, English
2 groups of islands in the Caribbean Bahamas, Lesser or Greater Antilles
2 peninsulas of Mexico Baja, Yucatan
4 Scandinavian countries Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
7 continents North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Europe
Deciduous trees lose leaves in fall
Coniferous trees evergreen, needles and cones
Bauxite Aluminum Ore
Tropical Depression winds below 39 mph
Tropical Storm winds between 39-74
Hurricane winds above 74 mph
3 resort cities Acapulco, Cancun, Cozamel
Created by: Winkels



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