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Chap. 14 & 15 Test

Geography: Russia

Ukraine is about the same size as what US state? Texas
2/3 of Ukraine's people live in urban areas or rural areas? Urban
Kiev is the capital city of what country? Ukraine
Most of Belarus' people work where? In factories
What is Moldova's main economic activity? Farming
What country in Russia goes back to ancient times when they ruled a large empire in 800 B.C.? Armenia
What faith is practiced the most in Armenia? Christianity
What country has been part of wars with Russia in recent years? Georgia
What are two of Georgia's major industries? Wine making and Food processing
Definition: Food Processing Preparing of foods as products for sale
Azerbaijan Mountainous country that is largely agricultural
What country is one third the size of the U.S.; has lowlands, steppes, deserts, and mountains; receives very little rainfall and one time, many of its people were nomads? Kazakhstan
What country is a very mountainous and rural nation? Kyrgyzstan
What country is very mountainous and mostly a Muslim nation? Tajikistan
What nation is 85% desert? Turkmenistan
What nation has cotton as its key crop, has Tashkent as its capital city and is the largest city in all of Central Asia? Uzbekistan
Which country is the largest in the world in area? Russia
Which two countries is Russia located in? Europe and Asia
Russia encompasses how many time zones? 11
Which mountains mark the border of Asia and Europe? The Ural Mountains
What is the definition of "tundra?" cold, treeless plains
The Caspian Sea is about the size of which US State? California
What is the deepest lake in the world, holds 20% of the world's unfrozen fresh water? Lake Baikal
What is the definition of Communism? An authoritarian political system in which the government controls the economy
What are two major cities in Russia? Moscow and St. Petersburg
The Cold War was fought between....? US and Russia (the the Soviet Union)
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