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Combo 042

Column 1Column 2
永* なが long eternity (EI)
いずみ spring white, water = spring (SEN) 白水 = 泉
はら meadow cliff, white, little = meadow (GEN) 厂白小 = 原
願い ねがい petition meadow, page = petition (GAN) 原頁 = 願
泳ぐ およぐ swim water, eternity = swim (EI) 氵永 = 泳
ぬま marsh water, seduce = marsh (SHOU) 氵召 = 沼
おき open sea water, in = open sea (CHUU) 氵中 = 沖
え inlet water, craft = creek (KOU) 氵工 = 江
しる soup water, ten = soup (JUU) 氵十 = 汁
みなもと source water, meadow = source (GEN) 氵原 = 源
活き いき living; being alive; freshness; liveliness; vitality; situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go); water, tongue = lively (KATSU) 氵舌 = 活
消す けす to extinguish water, resemblance = extinguish (SHOU) 氵肖 = 消
況して まして not to mention water, elder brother = but of course (KYOU) 氵兄 = 況
かわ river water, can = river (KA) 氵可 = 河
泊まる とまる to stay at (hotel) water, white = overnight (HAKU) 氵白 = 泊
みずうみ lake water, uncivilized = lake (KO) 氵胡 = 湖
測る はかる to measure water, rule = fathom (SOKU) 氵則 = 測
つち dirt dirt (DO)
しお tide water, morning = tide 氵朝 = 潮
あつ pressure; force cliff, dirt = pressure (ATSU) 厂土 = 圧
さき small peninsula dirt, strange = cape (KI) 土奇 = 埼
かき fence dirt, span = hedge (EN) 土亘 = 垣
圭* けい angle; corner; edge; square jewel; square jewel (KEI)
ふう seal square jewel, inch = seal (FUU/HOU) 圭寸 = 封
はて horizon water, cliff, square jewel = horizon (GAI) 氵厂圭 = 涯
てら temple dirt, inch = temple (JI) 土寸 = 寺
とき time sun, temple = time (JI) 日寺 = 時
均す ならす to make even; to make smooth; to make level; to average dirt, ladle, drop = level (KIN) 土勺丶 = 均
吐く はく to spit up mouth, dirt = spit (TO) 口土 = 吐
ほのお inflammation fire, fire = inflammation (EN) 火火 = 炎
煩う わずらう to suffer from fire, page = anxiety (HAN) 火頁 = 煩
淡い あわい faint water, inflammation = thin (TAN) 氵炎 = 淡
あかり lamp fire, street = lamp (TOU) 火丁 = 灯
はたけ farm fire, field = farm (HATA) 火田 = 畑
災い わざわい disaster flood, fire = disaster (SAI) 巛火 = 災
はい ashes cliff, fire = ashes (HAI) 厂火 = 灰
てん spot fortune-telling, cookfire = spot (TEN) 占灬 = 点
照らす てらす illuminate shining, cookfire = illuminate (SHOU) 昭灬 = 照
ひ fire fire (KA)
りょう fishing water, fish = fishing (RYOU) 氵魚 = 漁
り ri field, dirt = ri (RI) 田土 = 里
黒い くろい black ri, cook fire = black (KOKU) 里灬 = 黒
すみ black ink black, dirt = black ink (BAKU) 黒土= 墨
こい carp fish, ri = carp (KOI) 魚里= 鯉
りょう quantity nightbreak, ri = quantity (RYOU) 旦里 = 量
りん rin cliff, ri = rin (RIN) 厂里 = 厘
埋める うめる bury dirt, ri = bury (MAI) 土里 = 埋
同じ おなじ same hood, one, mouth = same (DOU) ⺆一口 = 同
さかな fish bound, field, cook fire = fish (GYO) 勹田灬 = 魚
どう trunk moon, same = trunk (DOU) 月同 = 胴
向こう むこう over there drop, hood, mouth = yonder (KOU) 丶⺆口 = 向
なお furthermore; still; yet; more; still more; in addition; greater; further little, hood, mouth = esteem (SHOU) ⺌⺆口 = 尚
house, child = character (JI) 宀子 = 字
守る まもる guard house, inch = guard (SHU) 宀寸 = 守
かん The End (book, film, etc.); Finis house, beginning = perfect (KAN) 宀元 = 完
宣* せん announce; proclaim; say; house, span = proclaim (SEN) 宀亘 = 宣
よい evening house, resemblance = wee hours (SHOU) 宀肖 = 宵
安い やすい cheap; calm house, woman = relax (AN) 宀女 = 安
ほら den water, same = den (DOU) 氵同 = 洞
寄せる よせる draw near house, strange = draw near (KI) 宀奇 = 寄
とみ wealth house, wealth = wealth (FU) 宀畐 = 富
貯める ためる to save (in a bank) shell, house, street = savings (CHO) 貝宀丁 = 貯
き tree tree (MOKU)
はやし grove grove (RIN)
もり forest forest (SHIN)
かつら Japanese Judas-tree tree, square jewel = Japanese Judas-tree (KEI) 木圭 = 桂
かしわ oak tree, white = oak (HAKU) 木白 = 柏
わく frame tree, 9/10 = frame (WAKU) 木 9/10 = 枠
うたげ banquet house, sun, woman = banquet (EN) 宀日女 = 宴
たな shelf tree, companion = shelf (HOU) 木朋 = 棚
あんず apricot tree, mouth = apricot (AN) 木口 = 杏
きり paulownia tree tree, same = paulownia (TOU) 木同 = 桐
植える うえる plant tree, straightaway = plant (SHOKU) 木直 = 植
枯れる かれる wither tree, old = wither (KO) 木古 = 枯
朴とつ ぼくとつ crude tree, wand = crude (BOKU) 木卜 = 朴
むら town tree, inch = town (SON) 木寸 = 村
相* あい together; mutually; fellow tree, eye = inter- (SOU) 木目 = 相
つくえ desk tree, wind = desk (KI) 木几 = 机
こずえ treetops tree, resemblance = treetops (SHOU) 木肖 = 梢
ふだ tag tree, fishhook = tag (SATSU) 木乚 = 札
こよみ calendar cliff, grove, sun = calendar (REKI) 厂林日 = 暦
あん plan relax, tree = plan (AN) 安木 = 案
燥ぐ はしゃぐ frolic fire, chirping birds = parch (SOU) 火喿 = 燥
未だ まだ not yet not yet (BI)
すえ tip extremity (BATSU)
あわ foam water, extremity = splash (BATSU) 氵末 = 沫
あじ flavor mouth, not yet = flavor (MI) 口未 = 味
いもうと younger sister woman , not yet = younger sister (MAI) 女未 = 妹
ほん book book/real (HON)
かぶ stocks tree, vermilion = stocks (SHU) 木朱 = 株
若い わかい young flower, right = young (JAKU) 艹右 = 若
くさ grass flower, early = grass (SOU) 艹早 = 草
苦しい くるしい painful flower, old = suffering (KU) 艹古 = 苦
寛ぐ くつろぐ to feel at home house, flower, see = tolerant (KAN) 宀艹見 = 寛
薄い うすい dilute flower, water, acupuncturist = dilute (HAKU) 艹氵尃 = 薄
は leaf flower, generation, tree = leaf (YOU) 艹世木 = 葉
模す もす to imitate; to copy; to mock; to replace; to trace; to forge tree, graveyard = imitation (BO) 木莫 = 模
漠* ばく desert; obscure; vague; wide water, graveyard = vague (BAKU) 氵莫 = 漠
あけ scarlet not yet, drop = vermilion (SHU) 未丶= 朱
暮らし くらし livelihood graveyard, sun = livelihood (BO) 莫日 = 暮
まく membrane moon, graveyard = membrane (MAKU) 月莫 = 膜
なえ seedling flower, field = seedling (BYOU) 艹田 = 苗
ちょう portent portent (CHOU)
もも peach tree, portent = peach (TOU) 木兆 = 桃
眺める ながめる to view eye, portent = stare (CHOU) 目兆 = 眺
いぬ dog large, drop = dog (KEN) 大丶 = 犬
じょう shape; state turtle, dog = status quo (JOU) 丬犬 = 状
黙る だまる to be silent black, dog = silence (BOKU) 黒犬 = 黙
はか grave graveyard, dirt = grave (BO) 莫土 = 墓
おぎ reed flower, beast, fire = reed (TEKI) 艹犭火 = 荻
狩り かり hunt beast, guard = hunt (SHU) 犭守 = 狩
ねこ cat beast, seedling = cat (BYOU) 犭苗 = 猫
うし cow cow (GYUU)
特殊 とくしゅspecial cow, temple = special (TOKU) 牜寺 = 特
告白 こくはく confession cow, mouth = revelation (KOKU) ⺧口 = 告
さき before cow, human legs = before (SEN) ⺧儿 = 先
洗う あらう wash water, before = wash (SEN) 氵先 = 洗
介入 かいにゅう intervention jammed in (KAI)
然うして そうして and; like that moon, dog, cookfire = sort of thing (ZEN) 月犬灬 = 然
ちゃ tea flower, umbrella, pole = tea (SA) 艹个朩 = 茶
合う あう meet (fit) meeting, mouth = fit (KA-tsu) 亼口 = 合
とう pagoda dirt, flower, fit = pagoda (TOU) 土⺾合 = 塔
おう king king (OU)
たま jewel king, drop = jewel (GYOKU) 王丶 = 玉
たから treasure house, jewel = treasure (HOU) 宀玉 = 宝
珠 たま 1: ball; sphere; globe; orb; bead (of sweat, dew, etc.); drop; droplet; ball (in sports); pile (of noodles, etc.); bullet; bulb (i.e. a light bulb); lens (of glasses, etc.); bead (of an abacus); (Slang) (Abbreviation) ball (i.e. a testicle); gem; jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively); pearl; female entertainer (e.g. a geisha); king, vermilion = pearl (SHU) 王朱 = 珠
現* げん present, current king, see = present (GEN) 王見 = 現
狂う くるう to go mad beast, king = lunatic (KYOU) 犭王 = 狂
かい (biological) kingdom; partition of land; (Suffix) the world of (some category) field, jammed in = world (KAI) 田介 = 界
呈す ていす display mouth, king = display (TEI) 口王 = 呈
ぜん whole umbrella, king = whole (ZEN) 个王 = 全
せん stopper; cork tree, whole = plug (SEN) 木全 = 栓
り logic king, ri = logic (RI) 王里 = 理
しゅ master; Lord drop, king = lord (SHU) 丶王 = 主
注す さす pour water, lord = pour (CHUU) 氵主 = 注
はしら pillar tree, lord = pillar (CHUU) 木主 = 柱
かね money (gold) whole, drops = gold (KIN) 全⺀ = 金
ずく pig iron gold, before = pig iron (SEN) 金先 = 銑
皇* こう emperor white, king = emperor (OU) 白王 = 皇
どう copper gold, same = copper (DOU) 金同 = 銅
釣り つり fishing; angling gold, ladle = angling (CHOU) 金勺 = 釣
はり needle gold, ten = needle (SHIN) 金十 = 針
めい inscription gold, name = inscription (MEI) 金名 = 銘
ちん (Buddhist term) (Archaism) a weight; temple supervisor; town (of China) gold, true = tranquilize (CHIN) 金真 = 鎮
みち road neck, road = road-way (TOU) 首辶 = 道
導く みちびく to guide road-way, inch = guidance (DOU) 道寸 = 導
つじ intersection ten, road = crossing (TSUJI) 十辶 = 辻
迅* じん fast, swift hummingbird, crossing = swift (JIN) ⺄辻 = 迅
はち bowl gold, book = bowl (HACHI) 金本 = 鉢
迫る せまる to approach white, road = urge (HAKU) 白⻌ = 迫
逃す のがす to set free portent, road = escape (TOU) 兆⻌ = 逃
へん area sword, road = environs (HEN) 刀⻌ = 辺
巡る めぐる to go around flood, road = patrol (JUN) 巛⻌ = 巡
くるま car car (SHA)
連れる つれる to take (a person) car, road = take along (REN) 車⻌ = 連
軌* き model; rut; track; way of doing; wheel; car, nine = rut (KI) 車九 = 軌
輸* ゆ be inferior; send; transport car, meeting, butcher = transport (SHU) 車亼刖 = 輸
まえ before horns, butcher = in front (ZEN) 䒑刖 = 前
造る つくる to make revelation, road = create (ZOU) 告⻌ = 造
かく status tree, each = status (KAKU) 木各 = 格
ほぼ approximately field, each = abbreviation (RYAKU) 田各 = 略
きゃく guest house, each = guest (KAKU) 宀各 = 客
ひたい forehead guest, page = forehead (GAKU) 客頁 = 額
なつ summer page, walking legs = summer (KA) 頁夂 = 夏
処す しょす to manage; to deal with; to cope with; to sentence; to condemn; to punish walking legs, wind = dispose (SHO) 夂几 = 処
すじ muscle; tendon; sinew; vein; artery; fiber; string; line; stripe; streak; reason; logic; walking legs, pole = twig (JOU) 夂朩 = 条
落ちる おちる to fall down; to drop flowers, water, each = fall (RAKU) ⺾氵各 = 落
じょう uselessness crown, wind = superfluous (JOU) 冖几 = 冗
かく each walking legs, mouth = each (KAKU) 夂口 = 各
輝く かがやく to shine ray, army = radiance (KI) 光軍 = 輝
うん fortune; luck army, road = carry (UN) 軍⻌ = 運
かんむり crown; top kanji radical crown, beginning, inch = crown (KAN) 冖元寸 = 冠
ゆめ dream flowers, squint, crown, evening = dream (BOU) ⺾罒冖夕 = 夢
こう pit (esp. of a mine) dirt, whirlwind = pit (KOU) 土亢 = 坑
高い たかい tall top hat, mouth, hood, mouth = tall (KOU) 亠口冂口 = 高
享ける うける to receive; to get; to catch (a ball); to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight); to sustain (damage); to incur (a loss); to suffer (an injury); to feel (influence); to undergo (surgery); to take (a test); to accept (a challenge); tall, child = receive (KYOU) 高(top)子 = 享
じゅく cram school sooner or later, dirt = cram school (JUKU) 孰土 = 塾
熟む うむ to ripen sooner or later, cookfire = mellow (JUKU) 孰灬 = 熟
ぐん army crown, car = army (GUN) 冖車 = 軍
きょう imperial capital tall, little = capital (KYOU) 高(top)小 = 京
涼しい すずしい refreshing water, capital = refreshing (RYOU) 氵京 = 涼
けい vista; view; scene; scenic view; counter for scenes (in a play) sun, capital = scenery (KEI) 日京 = 景
くじら fish, capital = whale (GEI) 魚京 = 鯨
しゃ hut umbrella, lidded crock = cottage (SHA) 个 lidded crock = 舎
周り まわり circumference hood, lidded crock = circumference (SHUU) 冂 lidded crock = 周
しゅう week circumference, road = week (SHUU) 周⻌ = 週
し gentleman; samurai; samurai (SHI)
きち good fortune (esp. omikuji fortune-telling result); good luck; auspiciousness samurai, mouth = good luck (KICHI) 士口 = 吉
てい arbor; bower; pavilion; tall, crown, street = pavilion (CHIN) 高(top)冖丁 = 亭
そう manor flowers, robust = villa (SHOU) ⺾ 壮 = 荘
売る うる to sell samurai, Miss World = sell (BAI) 士冖儿 = 売
がく learning schoolhouse, child = study (GAKU) ⺍冖子 = 学
覚える おぼえる to memorize schoolhouse, see = memorize (KAKU) ⺍冖見 = 覚
栄え はえ glory; prosperity schoolhouse, tree = flourish (EI) ⺍冖木 = 栄
書く かく to write brush, sun = write (SHO) 聿日 = 書
つ harbor; port; ferry water, brush = haven (SHIN) 氵聿 = 津
まき pasture; grazing land cow, taskmaster = breed (BAKU) 牛攵= 牧
攻める せめる to attack craft, taskmaster = aggression (KOU) 工攵 = 攻
そう vibrancy; strength; bravery; manliness; (esp. of men) one's prime (approx. age 30) turtle, samurai = robust (SOU) 丬士 = 壮
ゆえ reason; cause; circumstances old, taskmaster = happenstance (KO) 古攵 = 故
けい reverence; respect flowers, phrase, taskmaster = awe (KYOU) ⺾句攵 = 敬
言う ゆう to say say (GEN)
警め いましめ caution; admonition; warning; lesson; prohibition; ban; commandment; precept; punishment; awe, say = admonish (KEI) 敬言 = 警
けい plan say, ten = plot (KEI) 言十 = 計
ひとや jail; prison beast, say, dog = prison (GOKU) 犭言犬 = 獄
訂する ていする to correct say, street = revise (TEI) 言丁 = 訂
討つ うつ to shoot (at) say, inch = chastise (TOU) 言寸 = 討
敗ける まける to lose; to be defeated shell, taskmaster = failure (HAI) 貝攵 = 敗
まい counter for flat objects tree, taskmaster = sheet of (BAI) 木攵 = 枚
みことのり imperial decree say, seduce = imperial edict (SHOU) 言召 = 詔
詰める つめる to stuff into say, good luck = packed (KICHI) 言吉 = 詰
はなし story say, tongue = tale (WA) 言舌 = 話
詠む よむ to write or recite (a Japanese poem) say, eternity = recitation (EI) 言永 = 詠
し poem say, temple = poem (SHI) 言寺 = 詩
ご language say, I = word (GO) 言吾 = 語
読む よむ to read say, sell = read (TOU) 言売 = 読
調べる しらべる to investigate say, circumference = tune (CHOU) 言周 = 調
談じる だんじる to talk; to discuss; to debate; to negotiate say, inflammation = discuss (DAN) 言炎 = 談
くん Japanese reading of a kanji say, stream = instruction (KIN) 言川 = 訓
諭す さとす to admonish say, meeting of butchers = rebuke (YU) 言亼刖 = 諭
しき equation; ceremony; style arrow, craft = style (SHIKI) 弋工 = 式
試す ためす to attempt; to test; to try out say, style = test (SHI) 言式 = 試
に two (used in legal documents) quiver, two = II (JI) quiver 二 = 弐
いき region; limits; stage; level dirt, a certain = range (IKI) 土或 = 域
ぞく burglar shell, fiesta, ten = burglar (ZOKU) 貝戈十 = 賊
栽* さい plantation, planting Thanksgiving, tree = plantation (SAI) Thanksgiving 木 = 栽
載る のる to be loaded on Thanksgiving, car = load (SAI) Thanksgiving 車 = 載
茂る しげる to grow thickly flower, parade = overgrown (MO) ⺾戊 = 茂
諾う うべなう to agree; to assent; to consent; to obey; to conform say, young = consent (DAKU) 言若 = 諾
しろ castle dirt, turn into = castle (JOU) 土成 = 城
まこと say, turn into = sincerity (SEI) 言成 = 誠
い power; authority; might; influence; dignity; majesty march, woman = intimidate (I) 戌女 = 威
滅ぶ ほろぶ to be ruined; to go under; to perish; to be destroyed water, march, fire = destroy (METSU) 氵戌火 = 滅
減る へる to decrease (in size or number) water, march, mouth = dwindle (GEN) 氵戌口 = 減
さん frame (of a sliding door); crosspiece; bar; sliding wooden bolt (for holding a door or window shut); rung (of a ladder) tree, float = scaffold (SAN) 木㦮 = 桟
せん hundredth of a yen; coin made of non-precious materials; gold, float = coin (SEN) 金㦮 = 銭
浅い あさい shallow water, float = shallow (SEN) 氵㦮 = 浅 [note simplified font]
止まる とまる to stop stop (SHI)
成す なす to change into parade, sword = turn into (JOU) 戊刀 = 成
渉る わたる to cross over; to go across; to extend; to cover; to range; to span water, walk = ford (SHOU) 氵歩 = 渉
頻く しく to occur repeatedly; to be repeated walk, page = repeatedly (HIN) 歩頁 = 頻
肯く うなずく to nod; to bow one's head in assent stop, moon = agreement (KOU) 止月 = 肯
企み たくらみ plan umbrella, stop = undertake (KI) 个止 = 企
れき history of; experience of cliff, grove, stop = curriculum (REKI) 厂林止 = 歴
ぶ (Archaism) the art of war; martial arts; military arts; military force; the sword; valor; bravery; military officer; military man warrior; samurai quiver, stop = warrior (BU) quiver 止 = 武
ふ poem; narrative (style of the Shi Jing); classical Chinese rhymed prose shell, warrior = levy (FU) 貝武 = 賦
正す ただす to correct one, stop = correct (SHOU) 一止 = 正
あかし evidence say, correct = evidence (SHOU) 言正 = 証
歩く あるく to walk stop, few = walk (FU) 止少 = 歩
定める さだめる to decide house, mending = determine (JOU) 宀 mending = 定
じょう lock; padlock gold, determine = lock (JOU) 金定 = 錠
走る はしる to run dirt, mending = run (SOU) 土 mending = 走
超す こす 1: to cross over (e.g. mountain) run, seduce = transcend (CHOU) 走召 = 超
赴く おもむく to go in the direction of; to proceed toward; to proceed according to; to repair to; to become; to face (facts, circumstances, etc.); to abide by; to agree to; to consent to; to obey run, wand = proceed (FU) 走⺊ = 赴
越える こえる to cross over; to pass through run, parade = surpass (ETSU) 走戊 = 越
ぜ righteousness; justice; right sun, mending = just so (SHI) 日 mending = 是
だい title; subject; theme; topic just so, page = topic (DAI) 是頁 = 題
つつみ embankment; dike dirt, just so = dike (TEI) 土是 = 堤
政* しょう government; politics; correct, taskmaster = politics (SHOU) 正攵 = 政
延ばす のばす to postpone; to prolong stretch, drop, stop = prolong (EN) 廴丶止 = 延
誕* たん nativity; be born; lie; be arbitrary say, prolong = nativity (TAN) 言延 = 誕
いしずえfoundation stone; cornerstone stone, grove, zoo = cornerstone (SO) 石林 zoo = 礎
婿 むこ husband; groom woman, zoo, moon = bridegroom (SEI) 女 zoo 月 = 婿
ころも clothes garment (I)
裁つ たつ to cut (cloth) Thanksgiving, garment = tailor (SAI) Thanksgiving 衣 = 裁
装い よそおい dress; outfit robust, garment = attire (SHOU) 壮衣 = 装
うら back; behind; side that is hidden from view top hat, ri, scarf = back (RI) 亠里 scarf = 裏
壊す こわす to demolish dirt, ten, squint, garment = demolition (E) 土十罒衣 = 壊
建てる たてる to build stretch, brush = build (KEN) 廴聿 = 建
遠い とおい far lidded crock, scarf, road = distant (EN) lidded crock, scarf, ⻌ = 遠
さる monkey beast, lidded crock, scarf = monkey (EN) 犭, lidded crock, scarf = 猿
はつ first; new cloak, sword = first time (SHO) 衤刀 = 初
きん napkin; cloth towel (KIN)
ぬの cloth by one's side, towel = linen (FU) by one's side 巾 = 布
ほ sail towel, mediocre = sail (HAN) 巾凡 = 帆
はば width; breadth towel, wealth = hanging scroll (FUKU) 巾畐 = 幅
ぼう hat; cap towel, risk = cap (BOU) 巾冒 = 帽
まく curtain graveyard, towel = curtain (BAKU) 莫巾 = 幕
ほろ canopy towel, limpid = canopy (KOU) 巾晃 = 幌
哀れ あわれ pity tall, scarf = pathetic (AI) 亠口 scarf = 哀
いち market top hat, towel = market (SHI) 亠巾 = 市
姉さん ねえさん elder sister woman, market = elder sister (SHI) 女市 = 姉
はい lung moon, market = lungs (HAI) 月市 = 肺
おび obi; kimono sash buckle, apron = sash (TAI) buckle, apron = 帯
滞る とどこおる to stagnate; to be delayed water, sash = stagnate (TAI) 氵帯 = 滞
刺す さす to stab; to prick tree, belt, saber = thorn (SHI) 木冂刂 = 刺
せい system, organization cow, belt, saber = system (SEI) 牛冂刂 = 制
せい -made; make system, garment = made in (SEI) 制衣 = 製
転がる ころがる = to roll; to tumble car, rising cloud = revolve (TEN) 車云 = 転
にしき fine clothes gold, white, towel = brocade (KIN) 金白巾 = 錦
こおり ice icicle (HYOU)
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