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Cumulative Review 1

Water Treatment Plants use this element_____________ in a chemical to disinfect any bacteria that may still be in the water after the aeration process. chlorine
Levels of _______________ often fluctuates where estuaries are located. salinity
The abundance of ________________ is one of the things that estuaries and upwelling have in common. nutrients
The deeper you go down towards the ocean floor, the more the sunlight _________________. decreases
Interesting creatures called _______________ live near hydrothermal vents. tubeworms
Many scientists are surprised that life exists near hydrothermal vents because they give off extremely hot temperatures and they spew out ___________ that would be harmful to most organisms. hydrogen sulfide
__________________ are important to scientist who study the ocean floor because it is unsafe for humans to go to the deepest parts of the ocean. submersibles
____________ is a echo-sound technology that maps the ocean floor. sonar
____________________ where salt and fresh water mix. estuary
The __________________ is super important to help protect the sanitation of Earth’s fresh waters. water treatment plant
All the living and nonliving things in an area. ecosystems
The site where photosynthesis occurs. chloroplasts
The green pigment in plants chlorophyll
The site where cellular respiration occurs mitochondria
Fish, frogs, turtles, lily pads and dragonflies are all members of the same what? community
All the sparrows in your neighborhood. population
The anthill in which ants live in. habitat
The process in which an organism uses chemicals to get its energy. chemosynthesis
Created by: tiffany.green74