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Williams Biology

Chapter 12 STudy Guide

What is your body's metabolism regulated by? hormones
How does an increase in altitude change breathing? reduces the amount of oxygen entering the blood
Gas exchange for a human involves taking in oxygen and releasing what? carbon dioxide
What is the liquid part of blood called? plasma
What is the smaller chamber in the heart? atrium
Urine leaves each kidney through ______? ureter
What are gaps between neurons called? synapses
What is the control center of the body? the brain
What do thermoreceptors respond to? (2 things) heat and cold
Which receptors are located in the epidermis of skin? pain receptors
What regulates calcium in the blood? thyroid gland
What does the endocrine system produce that regulates body functions? hormones
What does the pancreas regulate ? glucose
Where are sperm and estrogen produced? the gonads
Which muscle actions activate the heart and lungs? involuntary
How do muscles move the body? pulling
What is the area of the skeletal system that protects the heart? rib cage
What does the skeletal system do? (2 things) protects vital organs, gives shape to the body
Created by: ebonyw411