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Gaining accsess 37

It is chapter is really special operations

The indivisual delegated to over see and coordinate activity in an incident command cector, works under incident comand sector command
This is typically a vehicle or building at the scene where the ems commander establishes an office. command center
The holding area for arriving ambulances and crews until they can be asigned a particular task staging area
the area where the patients are distangled and removed from a hazardous enviornment, allowing them to move to triage extrication area
special area for removing hazardous matrials from patient Decontamination area
a sorting point where all patients are assesesed and tagged triage area
A more thorough assessment is made in this area and on scene treatment is begun while transport is being arranged treatment area
the area with extra equiptment and supplies Supply area
The area abulances and crew are organized to transport patients from the treatment sector to area hospitals transportation area
Who runs the the triage area triage officer
who runs the the trasportation area transportation officer
The area that provides treatment and rest to emergency responders working at a scene rehabiltaion area
any situation that places such a reat demand on available equiptment or personnel that the system would require mutuial aid mass casualty incident
an argreement between neigboring ems systems to respond to mass casualty incidents or disasters in each other's region when local resources are insufficent mutial aid
sorting of 2 or more patients based on severity of their conditions to establish priority or care based on resouces triage
a widespread event that disrupts functions and resources of community and treatens lives and property disaster
how far should you stay upwind from a hazmat site 100 feet
the process of removing or nutralizing and properly disposing of hazmat materials from equepitment patients and rescuers decontamination
measures of heath risk that substances pose to someone who come into contact with it. toxicity level
how many levels are in the toxicity levels 5
(level) includes materials that would cause little if any heath risk if come in contact with level 0
(level) includes materials that would cause irritation on cantact but only mild residual injury, even without treatment level 1
(level)include materials that could cause temporary damage or residual injury unless prompt medical treament level 2
(level) includes matireals that are extreamly hazardous to health. requires full protective gear so that 3no skin is exposed level 3
(level) includes matrials that are so hazrdous that minimal contact will cause death level 4
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