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Special Operations

Command System

How far do you stay back from a side airbag that has not deployed five inches
How far do you stay away from a driver side airbag that has not deployed ten inches
How far do you stay away from a passenger seat air bag that has not deployed twenty inches
is the removak from entrapment or from a dangerous situation or position Extrication
means being caught within a closed area with no way out or having a limb or other body part trapped entrapment
the first phase of extrication preparation
second phase of extrication en route to scene
third phase to extrication arrival and scene size up
fourth phase to extrication Hazard control
fifth phase to extrication Support operations
sixth phase to extrication Gaining access
seventh phase to extrication emergency care
eight phase to extrication Disentanglement
nineth phase to extrication Remove and transfer
Tenth phase to extrication Termination
an area where indivisuals can be exposed to sharp metal edges, broken glass toxic substances, lethal rays, or ignition or explosion of hazardous materials danger zone
trying to get to a patient as quickly and simply as possible without using any tools or breaking any glass simple access
requireds the use of special tools and special training and includes breaking windows or other forcible entry complex access
involves removing motor vehicle from around patient disentaglement
a group that is made up of indivisuals from one or more departments in a region whoare trained and on call for certain types of technical rescues technical rescue groups
the indivisual who has overall command of the scene in the field incident commander
A hostahe robbery or other situation in which armed conflict is thread=tened or shot have been fired and the threat of violence remains tactical situation
location of incident commander command post
Fires held in a house apartment building, office, school, plant, warehouse,or and other buildings strutuarl fire
A specialized law enforcement tactical unit swat team
Respirator with independent air supply used by fire fighters to enter toxic and other wise dangerous atmosphere self contained breathing apparatus
any substance that us toxic poisonous radioactive flammable or explosive and cause injury or death hazardous materials
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