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Exam 4 Biol

Exam 4 Biology

A group of individuals of a single species that occupy the same general area defines a Population
Which of the followning is an example of a population? All of the students in your classroom
Assume that there are five alligators per acre in a swamp in northern Florida. This is a measure of the alligator population's Density
The pattern of distribution for a certain species of kelp is clumped. The pattern of distribution for a population of snails that live on the kelp be. Clumped
You drive through Iowa in the spring and notice that along a stretch of several kilometers, every third fence post has a male redwing blackbird perched on it defending its nesting terittory. This is an example of. Uniform dispersion
A Type I survivorship curve is associated with which of the following life history traits. Parents providing extended care for their young
A survirorship curve that involves producing very few offspring, each of which has a high probability of surviving to adulthood, is typical of. Elephants
The maximum number of individuals a habitat can support is called its Carrying capacity
A population of fungie in a yard produces 10 mushrooms in year 1, 20 in year 2, and 40 in year 3. If this trend continues, by year 5 there will be ____ muschrooms. 160
A newly mated queen ant establishes an ant nest in an unoccupied patch of suitable habitat. The population of the nest grows quickly at first, then levels off at carrying capacity. Which of the following models best describes its population growth. Exponential
If an ecosystem has a carrying capacity of 1,000 individuals for a given species and 2,000 individuals of that species are present, we can predict that the population. Size will decrease.
The death by bubonic plague of about one-third of Europe's population during the 14th century is a good example of. A density-dependent effect
A tidal wave wipes out the entire population of mice living on an island. This is an example of. The effects of abiotic factors
Which of the following is most clearly a case of density-dependent population regulation? A dangerous new flu strain that is transmitted among humans bly sneezing.
An ecologist hypothesized that predation by a particular owl species is the major factor controlling the population of a particular rabbit species. The first steo in testing this hyposthesis would be to determine. Whether the owls eat the rabbits.
An ecologist hypothesizes that preation by a particular owl species is the major factor controlling the population of a particular rabbit species. If this is the case, which of the following population effects could be expected in this rabbit-owl pair? An increase in the owl population should cause a fall in rabbit population.
Which of the following will likely decrease a population's size? Decreasing the food supply available to the popluation.
If most of the individuals of a human population are in their pre-reproductive years, you would expect the population size to ___ after 20 years. Increase.
Which of the following statements about human demographic trends is true? A human population in which women reproduce at a later age will experience slower population growth.
The age structure of the United States in 2010 shows That a greater proportion of the population is elderly now than is earlier decades.
A community is composed of Potentially interacting populations of different organisms.
An owl and a hawk both eat mice. Which of the following describes the relationship between a hawk and an owl? Mutualism
When two different populations in a community benefit from their relationship with each other, the result is called Parasitims
When a crocodile eats a fish, the interspecific interaction between that two could be expressed as ___ for the crocodile and ____ for the fish. +;-
The sum total of a population's use of the biotic and abiotic resouces of its habitat constitues its Niche
In an ecosystem, you would expect to find interspecific competition between Populations of two species that occupy that same niche.
Most plants have a varity of chemicals, spines, and thorns because the plants Cannot run away form herbivores.
The prokaryotes that cause tooth decay have a ___ relationship with humans. Parastic
In addition to abiotic factors, community composition of platns can be severely compromised by Parasitees and pathogens.
Within an ecosystem, a tree is a Producer
In a hypotheical food chain consisting of grass, grasshoppers, sparrows, and hawks, that grasshopper are Primary consumers
A hypotheical community on a barren mid-Atlantic island consists of two fish-eating seabirds (boody and noddy) the fungi and microorganism that live on the birds' dung, tick that feeds on these 2 birds, cactus, moth feeds on cast-off feathers, beetle... Booby-primary consumer
In a food chain consisting of phytopplankon-zooplankton- fish-fisherman, the fisherman are Tertiary consumers
In a certain ecosytem, field mice are preyed on by snakes and hawks. The entry of wild dogs into the system adds another predator of the mice. The most likely short-term results of this addition is A reduction in numbers of mice.
The number of species in a community is called Species richness
Which of the following associations is incorrect Herbivore- eats producers and performs photosythneis
Which of the follwing associations between organism and nutrient source is incorrect? Humans- carnivors
Energy flow is an ecosystem begins with Autotrophs
The flow of ___ into ecosytems occurs in one direction only, while ___ are recycled within the ecosystem itself. Energy; chemicals
Which of the following accurately represents a food chain in the grasslands of Africa? Grass, Giragges, Lions, Vultures, Fungi
The only heterotrophs required in an ecosytem are Decomposers
Approximately what percentage of the energy in one trophic level is incorporated into the next trophic level? 10%
Compared with the numbers of grasshoppers or deer, there are not a lot of mountain lions. The reason that large and fierce top-level carnivores are rare in an ecosystem is that such animals do not tolerate other members like them.
All the populations of all the different species interacting with one another in the same environment is called Community
Two communities may have exactly that same number of species, yet one might be measured as having a greater species diverity. Why? Both the number of species and the evenness or relative abundance of individuals of the different species.
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