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Exam 2 Biol

Exam 2 Biology

Meiosis involves which of the following: A. Gametes B. Somatic cells C. Hair follicles D. New bone growth E. Nerve cells Gametes
Which is not a part of the mitosis stages? A. Anaphase B. Telophase C. Apaptosis D. Metaphase E. Prophase Apoptosis
When DNA is coilded, folded and twisted into short condensed strands, these are called? Chromosomes
If the total number of chromosomes in a cell is 6, then after mitosis there will be? six chromosomres in each daughter cell.
Interphase: A. Occupies the majority of the daughter cell B. Includes G1, S and G2 stages C. Results in an increase in cell size D. All of the above E. A and B only All of the above
The function of mitsosis is: A. Growth of the organism and tissue repair B. To ensure that each new cell receives a complete set of genetic information C. Asexual reproduction in some species D. All of the choice are correct E. None of the above All of the choices are correct
Crossing over occurs between Nonsister chromatids of a homologous pair
The diploid (2n) number of chromosomes for humans is. 46
Which of the following crosses would always result in offspring that only display the dominant phenotype? A. TT x tt B. Tt x Tt C. TT x TT D. Tt x tt E. both A and C Both A and C
What occurs in anaphase? Chromosomes move to opposite poles
An adult human cardiac muscle cell does not undergo cell division. As such, this type of cell All of the above are correct statements regarding an adult human cardiac muscle cell (A. Doesn't need to replicate its DNA. B. Doesn't need to leave G1. C. Is never found in G2)
Viruses and chemical exposure can cause mutations in proto-oncogenes which can. True
What is the result of a cell not meeting the crieria to pass the G1 checkpoint? A. The cell cycle halts. B. The cell may enter the G0 stage. C. The cell may undergo apoptosis. D, All of these E. None of these All of these
If a sperm cell contains 8 chromorsomes, it comes from an animal that has __ chromosomes. 16
If a cell contains 12 chromosomes at the end of meiosis 1, how many chromosomes will the daughter cells contain at the end of meiosis 2? 12
Sources of genetic variation in a sexually reproducing population includes which of the following? A. Crossing over in meiosis B. Independent assortment in meiosis C. Fertilization D. All of the choices are souces of gentic variation E. A and C All of the choices are sources of genetic variation
Women with X-linked disorders always pass the genes for the disorder to ____, while men with X-linked disorders always pass genes for the disorder to ___. Both their daughter and sons; their daughters and sons
Cystic fibrosis is an example of a/an ____ trait. Autosomal recessive
A person with Down's syndrome has how many total chromosomes? 47
Angiogenesis A. Is the growth of blood vessels into the tumor. B. Is directed by additional mutations in tumor cells. C. Brings nutrients and oxygen to a tumor. D. All of these E. None of these All of these
Scientists have created gentically modified organisms (GMOs) by isolating and then transferring the jellyfish gene for green fluorescent protein into pigs, bateria, plants and mice. The results was bioluminescent organisms! these experiments demonstrate. Genes have no diffulty crossing teh species barrier.
DNA replication is considered semiconservative because it uses the original strand as a template for resplication
Which is NOT true about the genetic code (language to translate mRNA codons into amino acids)? Most amino acids have only one codon
If one strand of DNA has the base sequence AAGCAA, the complementary strand has which of the following sequences? TTCGTT
What is the function of naturally occuring restriction enzymes in bacterial cells? Restrtiction enzymes recognize and cleave DNA molecules that are foreign to the bacterial cell.
Which of the following is mismatched? Polymerase chain reaction-process that separtes DNA fragments according to size.
An unknown chemical is analyzed and found to contain the bases thymine and guanine. This chemical is most likely. DNA
The fucntion of the polymerase chain reaction in gentic engineering is to Make mulitiple copies of a specific segment of DNA.
A transgenic organism is One that acts as the doner for DNA to be moved into another organism.
Crossing-over occurs in both mitosis and meiosis. False
Created by: Haleyannestes
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