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Stem list 1-10

These are the stems that I studied in 7th grade.

a not
acr sharp
acro high
ad to
agog leader
alt high
alter other
amat love
ambul walk
amphi both
anim mind
ante before
anthropo man
anti against
apt fit
aqua water
-ar relating to
archy government
ard always
astr star
ate cause
audi hear
auto self
bell war
bene good
bi two
biblio book
bio life
brev short
caco bad
cad fall
cap take
capit head
carn flesh
cede go
cent one hundred
centri center
chron time
cide kill
circum around
cise cut
clam cry out
cle small
clud close
co together
cogn know
com together
con together
contra against
cor heart
corp body
cred believe
crypt hidden
culp blame
cur care for
curr run
curs run
de down
dec ten
demi half
demo people
derm skin
dia across
dict say
dign worthy
dis away
dorm sleep
dox opinion
duct lead
dyna power
ecto outer
ego I
endo within
equi equal
ess female
ethno race or culture
eu good
ex out
extra beyond
fer carry
fid faith
fin end
fort strong
fract break
fug flee
fus pour
fy make
gamy marraige
gen origin
geo earth
germ vital or related
gest carry
graph write
grat pleasing
greg group
gyro turn
hedron sided object
helio sun
hema blood
hetero different
hexa six
homo same
hydro water
hyp under
hyper over
ician specialist
ics art
il not
in in or in
ine nature of
inter between
intra within
intro into
ism doctrine
iso equel
itis inflammation
ject throw
junct join
Created by: 1maprincess