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ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone. Where winds meet and create heavy rainfall
Exotic Species Plants or Animals brought into a place
Marsupial Mammals with pouches in which they carry their young
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone. The water around a country that belongs to it and can be used for economic gain
Fjord A channel of the sea that flows between to high mountains
Polder Land reclaimed by the sea
Dikes Walls that hold water back
Famine Starvation; lack of food
Constitutional Monarchy System of government with a queen/king and a Parliament
Geyser A spring that shoots hot water from the ground
Socialism A system in which the government controls the means to distribute and produce goods
Ghetto Area of cities in which minorities live
Autonomy Self-government
Renaisannce A period of history which focused on science and the arts
Microstates A very small country
Taiga A forest consisting of mainly evergreen trees found covering half of Russia
Czar A Russian leader
Abdicate To resign
Gulag A Russian labor camp
Caravan A group of people traveling together usually for protection
Nomads People who travel around with no permanent home
Yurts Mongolian portable houses
Oasis A body of water in a desert
Dynasty Line of hereditary leaders
Imam Religious leaders of Muslim society
Bedouins Nomadic herders in the Middle East
Theocracy Government controlled by religion
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Oil exporting countries come together in a group.
Ayatollahs Religious leaders with the highest authority according to Shia Muslims
Zionism Movement calling for Jews to set up home in Palestine
Holocaust The mass killing of Jews by the Nazis during World War 2
Sultans Ottoman rulers
Mandates Territories under the control of other countries
Secular Non-religious
Jerusalem The holy land for Jews
Fellahin Peasant farmers in Egypt
Desertification When desert-like conditions spread
Klongs Canals in Thailand
Archipelago Large group of islands
Endemic Species Plants or animals native to an area
Homogenous The same kind
Aborigines The original people of Australia
Outback Vast desert covering most of Australia
Staple The main food crop in a diet
Millet Drought-resistant staple crop found in Africa
Sorghum Drought-resistant staple crop found in Africa
Tsetse Fly A fly carrying a disease lethal to humans
Genocide The mass killing of a group or people
Apartheid A series of laws preventing black South Africans from becoming involved in politics
Sanction Penalties put on a country in order to force them to change
Informal Sector People who work for themselves and are not taxed
Pantheon The gods of a religion
Sepoys Indian soldiers fighting for the British
Boycott To protest by not buying a product
Partition To split
Reincarnation The Hindu idea that a souls will be reborn in the next life
Dharma The Hindu ideal of importance in duty
Karma Negative and positive force caused by one's actions
Caste The social system in India
Protectorate A country that gives up it ability to make decisions in order for protection
Paddy Wetlands used to farm rice
Aquaculture Farming marine life
Communes Large organization of farmers that organize farming
Calligraphy Fancy, stylish handwriting
Hieroglyphics Egyptian symbols used as a form of writing
SEZ Special Economic Zone. An area within a country designated for foreign companies or investments
Martial Law Military rule
Tsunami A big wave
Shogun Warlords in feudal Japan
Samurai Warriors in feudal Japan
Annex To add a piece of land to a country
Armistice A truce
DMZ Demilitarized Zone. The heavily guarded border between North and South Korea
Subsidies Money from the government
Trade Surplus When a country exports more than it imports
Domino Theory A US theory that states if one country falls to communism then more will follow
Pidgin Languages Simplified version of English
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