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21 Century

RAcism and Racial Attitude

The person who identifies as black but parents are white Rachel Dolezal
Changes in Racism More subtle and less overt
Labor Market Discrimination judged based off of name, address and race
Consequence of labor market discrimination fewer call backs, higher unemployment, lower wages,lower quality jobs
Middle Class Latinos Language Spanish Language perceived as threat, less intelligent, untrustworthy
Anti- Asian Prejudices perceived as perpetual foreigners, unsociable and resented because of their success: socially awkward submissive
fasting growing immigrant group Asians
Model Minority Stereotypes Asians are high performing and do not experience discrimination
Lowest political participation Asians
Model Minority Asians looked at to set an example for other minorities
government Action is less needed because structural racism isn't a problem, more subtle racism and implicit bias that contribute to racial inequality
Implications Overt Racism as not socially acceptable, more tolerated, interracial marriages etc
Affirmative Action Executive order signed in 1961 which required employers not to discriminate against employers due to race
Pres John in 1967 pressured institutions to comply with non discriminatory acts
Pres. Kennedy Signed for Affirmative Action in 1961
Pres Nixon Extended affirmative action
Fisher v. University of Texas Supreme Court Cases that upheld limited use of race in admissions
Colleges and University policies increase woman and minority by reserving certain spaces or considering race in admission
Affirmative Action Myths Minority students are unqualified and are only admitted because of affirmative action,
polices that take places from white affirmative action
Harvard lawsuti Asian American applicants argue they wee discriminated against
Color Blind Racism a more covert, sophisticated, culture centered and subtle racist ideology that is less extreme and more socially permeable than JIM Crow Racism
Another name for Color Blind racism laiisez faire racism
Blaming the victim Model Minority stereotype validates color blind racism and blame other minority for their lack of success
Critiques of Color Blind Racismapproach Race still have important implications for people everyday lives, attitudes and behaviors
more difficult to challenge than De jure racism color blind racism
Zero Sum Game White fear about changing demographics of the country
Obama Polices To alleviate labor market discrimination, improve social and economic position of blacks, give preference in hiring and promotion to blacks.
Post Racialism shifting racial boundaries of Obama presidency and growth of minority middle class classes suggested that we were beyond race and racism
Racial Attitudes in 2016 race relations are getting worse
Voting Right Act of 1965 Abolished poll tax and other discriminatory voting laws
2014 Supreme Court Decision overturned some parts of Voting Right Act of 1965
Trump Voter White, male, lower education and older
Clinton Voters female, urban, foreign born, more educated, younger
Created by: Quaanavae