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IGHS Winkels

World Geography Chapter 9-13 Test

haciendas large farms and ranches set up in the Americas by the Spanish
bauxite The mineral that is used to make aluminum.
meztizos People who have Spanish and American Indian ancestry
mulattoes People with African and European ancestry
caudillos Military dictators who rule Central American countries
archipelago a large chain or group of isands often the tops of mountains chains, or formed from coral reef
reggae a type of music prevalent in Jamaica and other islands of the Caribbean
cays a small, low island or coral reef
El Nino a warm ocean current off South America's northwestern coast that influences global weather patterns
Migrant workers landless, jobless peasants who travel around to find jobs as farm laborers
Anchovies small fish caught off the South American west coast near Peru
Favellas slum areas in most Brazilian cities
deforestation The process of cutting down the trees and vegetation for land development and the resources themselves
Quecha the native language of the Incan Empire
Maquiladoras large scale factories that sprang up along the border of the U.S. and Mexico
largest river system in South America Amazon
largest natural lake in Central America Nicaragua
two large oil producers in Latin America Mexico and Venezuela
two countries located on the island of Hispaniola Haiti and Dominican Republic
most populated country of South America Brazil
most important constructed waterway in Latin America Panama Canal
Belize gained its independence from Great Britain
Festival or Carnival is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro
The Bahamas is controlled by Great Britain
The dominant Christian denomination of Latin America Catholicism
Cancun and Cozamel are located in the Yucatan peninsula
The first slaves after Columbus landed were Natives
The #1 crop export from Brazil Coffee
fastest growing city in the Western Hemisphere Mexico City
The tribe Columbus came in contact with Arawaks
3 parts of Latin America Central, South, Caribbean Islands
5 cash crops of Central America sugarcane, bananas, coffee, corn, beans
Poorest regions of Brazil's cities Favellas/located on the outskirts of the city
2 facts about Aztec culture welcomed Cortez/killed Montezuma
3 groups of islands in the Caribbean Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, Bahamas,
2 popular tourist areas in Mexico Acapulco, Tijuana
2 bodies of water connected by the Panama Canal Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean
2 most important careers in Mexico Tourism, Agriculture
What is unique about Brasilia? looks like a bow & arrow
national language of Brazil Portuguese
2 steps of a storm prior to becoming a hurricane tropical depression, tropical storm
Created by: Winkels



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