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Geog of SW

Chapter 12

Continental Divide an imaginary line that runs north and south along the peaks of the Rocky Mountains
volcano a mountain formed when erupted lava cools and hardens onto Earth's surface
crater a bowl-shaped area
lava melted rock
earthquake a sudden shaking of the ground
fault cracks in Earth's outer layer
timberline an area of land beyond which is too cold for trees to grow
highest peak in the U.S. Mount McKinley, aka "Denali"
lowest level in the U.S. Death Valley, CA
highest peak in Wyoming Grand Teton
small movements along faults cause what? earthquakes
Resources found in the west land, forest, minerals, fuels, water, fish
much of the land in the west is too high or dry for farming
Some crops grown in the west grains, vegetables, fruit
Major Rivers Missouri, Colorado, Columbia
largest natural lake Great Salt Lake
time zone a region in which all of the people use the same clock time
barrier something that blocks the way
wagon train a group of wagons pulled by horses, oxen, or mules
boomtowns towns that grew very quickly when miners moved into an area
telegraph machine that uses electricity to send messages
transcontinental railroad a railroad that improved transportation through many states
what made long distance travel possible rivers
explorers famous for exploring the west Lewis and Clark
forty-niners gold seekers who arrived in 1849
an opening between the Rocky Mountains where Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado meet South Pass
The 49th and 50th state of the U.S. Hawaii and Alaska
What brought settlers to the west The South Pass and gold
public land land that the government manages
hydroelectricity electricity produced by water power
ecosystem a community of living things and its environment
an explorer and recipient of the Presidential medal of freedom and other awards for conservation work Margaret Murie
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