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What is the function of the nervous system? It controls and coordinates the senses, memory, learning, and movement.
What is the CNS? The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord
What is the PNS? The peripheral nervous system includes all the nerves branching off the spinal cord
What is the function of the cerebrum? Complex thought processes and emotions
What is the function of the cerebellum? Coordination and fine muscle movement
What is the function of the brain stem? Involuntary processes such as breathing and heartbeat
What is a reflex? An automatic response that occurs quickly and without thinking about it
Make sure you know your nerve cell picture!!!!!!!! Yes ...this means YOU!
What is a dendrite? where the nerve cell receives impulses
What is an axon? axon carries information away from the nerve cell to the next nerve cell
What are sensory neurons? They carry info to the brain
What are motor neurons? They carry info from the brain to the body
What is the function of the immune system? To fight disease and infection
What is the first line of defense for the immune system? Healthy intact skin. Called a barrier. Keeps out many pathogens
What is the second line of defense? Its called inflammatory response.
Why is the inflammatory response called nonspecific? Because it is the same for all pathogens
What does your body do as a result of inflammatory response? fever, increased white blood cells, swelling in the area
What is the third and final line of defense? Cells identify specific pathogens
What is a vaccination? When people are injected with a weakened form of the pathogen to try and build immunity
How does the respiratory system help the immune system? Mucus in the nasal passages helps to trap pathogens
How does the circulatory system help the immune system? By sending white blood cells
How does the digestive system help the immune system? By killing bacteria in the stomach with hydrochloric acid
What do we call the thick column of nerve tissue that connects the brain to the rest of the nerves in the body? spinal chord
What is a synapse? The space between nerve cells (neurons)
What do we call a change or signal in the environment that can make an organism react? stimulus
What do we call disease causing agents? Pathogens
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