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D - Science - Ch 9

Energy Study Guide

What are renewable resources? a type of resource which is replenished naturally faster than it is consumed
What are 3-4 examples of renewable resources? solar, wind, water, geothermal, biomass, nuclear
What are 3 benefits of renewable resources? infinite (limitless or endless) supply, do not pollute environment & conserve (save) fossil fuels
What are 4 challenges of depending of renewable resources? The wind does not always blow, the sun is not always shining (cloudy days, nighttime), not every populated area has water nearby or within a reasonable distance & nuclear waste is harmful to living things and the environment
What is biomass? energy derived from living things (wood, leaves, food wastes …)
What is a problem with using nuclear energy? radioactive waste is harmful to living things and the environment & excessive heat can cause explosions
What is a problem with building a dam? most of the rivers suitable for damming (for building hydroelectric dams) have already been dammed & damming rivers has negative impacts on ecosystems, wildlife, and the environment
What are non-renewable resources? naturally occurring substances that cannot be re-made, re-grown, or regenerated as quickly as they are used
What are 3 examples of non-renewable resources? coal, oil, natural gas (fossil fuels)
What is a benefit of using non-renewable resources? they provide more energy than any other energy source
What are 3 problems with using non-renewable resources? finite (limited) supply, takes millions of years to make & pollute the environment
What happens when you burn fossil fuels? burning fossil fuels creates air pollution, mainly in the form of carbon dioxide
What does 'finite' mean? limited (a limited amount), will eventually run out
Created by: lprinke