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dinamic earth

tectonic plates Big slabes of rock that floats, moves and sometimes fracture and drifts, earth
tremor A small earthquake that comes after the main earthquake
epicentre The epicentre is in the centre of a earthquake
hypocentre/focus The hypocentre and the focus are the same thing and they sit under the epicentre
core The core sits under the ground and is really hot that you will die if you go to the core
crust The crust is what we walk on and it is 70% H20 ( water )
mantle The mantle is below the crust and is made of sylican and oxygen
Indo-Australian plate This is one of the tectonic plates
richter scale The richter scale measures how powerful the energy is in a earthquake
mercalli scale The mercalli scale is used to measure how much damage there is in a earthquake
molten Molten is larva that is realy hot and it can burn everything
liquefaction Liquefaction is water sitting in sand and when there is no room for the water the water goes to the top and makes big puddles
tsunami A tsumani is a wave that can race at powerful seeg and strength
liquefaction liquefaction is when the groung gets really liquidly and can destroy things
primary waves Primary waves can go through solids, liquids and gases
primary effects Caused by the earthquakes
secondary effects A result of the primary effects
shearing Shearing is where the tectonic plates rub againest each other
compression Compression is where the tectonic plates push againest each other
landslides landslides are when the soil and rock get loose and come toppling down when a earthquake comes
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