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D - Science - Ch 9

Renewable Sources of Energy

How does a solar house capture energy? it uses active solar collectors on the roof and large windows on south and west sides that act as passive solar collectors
What does the equipment on the roof and in the basement of a solar house do? Active solar cells on the roof generate electricity that can be stored in the basement and the water that is heated is stored in a tank in the basement and used to heat the house
What is solar energy? energy from the sun
What is the source of most other renewable energy resources? solar energy
When will solar energy run out? not for billions of years
When is solar energy available? only when the sun is shining
How do some solar plants capture energy and use it to generate electricity? rows of giant mirrors focus the sun's rays to heat a tank of water, then the water boils making steam that can be used to generate electricity
What can solar energy be converted into? electricity in a solar cell
What are solar cells used to power? calculators, lights and other small devices
What converts sunlight into electricity in a solar cell? solar heating systems
How do active solar heating systems differ from passive solar heating systems? they use fans and pumps to distribute the heat
What are other renewable sources of energy besides the sun? water, wind, biomass fuels, geothermal energy & hydrogen
What is an indirect form of solar energy that electricity produces by flowing water? hydroelectric power
Hydroelectric power is the most widely used source of what? renewable energy in the world today
What are 2 limitations on hydroelectric power in the US? most of the suitable rivers have already been dammed and can have negative effects on the environment
What is the fastest growing energy source? wind energy
What are fuels made from living things? biomass fuels
What is intense heat from Earth's interior called? geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is an unlimited source of what? cheap energy
What is the obstacle to using hydrogen as a fuel? it take more energy to obtain pure hydrogen than is produced by burning the hydrogen
Created by: lprinke